$48,330 from SwissCoin MLM, 1 year today!


Today marks my first anniversary with Swisscoin Cryptocurrency and MLM. Since signing up on the the 12th of June 2016, it’s been an exciting journey with an awesomely growing community.

Beside the financial benefits, I’ve got to be connected with extra ordinary marketers and friends worldwide., moving from virtual engagement to real world interactions.

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Before SwissCoin…

I was (and am still) an affiliate blogger, product creator (serial entrepreneur) and Internet Marketing believer. I had tried my hands on some MLM products with measurable success.  But doing SwissCoin MLM has tremendously increased my network marketing skills, especially given that I have been working closely with my super upline Andreas Kartrud.

12 months gone and what?

12 months have been like 12 days. But a lot has happened. First, I had the opportunity to travel to Dubai and had really good times with team members.

And meeting and chatting with SwissCoin CEO, Mandred Mayer was immense excitement .


Many more folks I met and interracted with included the super upline Andreas and Ania Henriksson KartrudPrisca Ngweyi Ogbonnaya, John Fjällholm, Hạnh Nguyên Nguyễn, Maher Alsabbagh, Solomon James,Swisscoin SevillePaul RetiefDaniel Irungu MwangiInnocent Daniels, Otunla Ezekiel, and many more I won’t just be able to mention here.

Some pictures from Dubai


The Network Marketing for 12 months

I created my account on the 12th of June 2016. On the 22nd that same year, I wrote this first article about the opportunity.

My network since then has grown to over 15,000 members, generating over $48,000. That’s an average of $4,000/month.

The Cryptocurrency

The main business behind Swisscoin is Crytocurrency. The MLM arm will end 24 months after the coins go public.

We look forward now to public listing on the 1st of August 2017. The wallet and blockchain have  been completely setup and with over 3 billion pre-mined (PoS) coins, I’m set to an exciting Swisscoin future.

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