Cashblurbs Review – Does it Work?

Product: Cashblurbs
Creator: Bryan Winters
Price: Free for basic membership, $20/month for unlimited, $7 traffic package
Rank: 4/10 – this system is way overhyped and will only generate lower quality traffic.

 See my top recommendation for learning how to drive traffic in ways that actually convert.

What is Cashblurbs?

Cashblurbs was created by Bryan Winters, an internet marketer who has created several additional products. The idea behind the product is relatively simple – it’s a social media sharing platform for anyone that is in need of driving traffic to their blog or affiliate/squeeze page. There’s both a free and paid version, so anyone can try it out. Let me explain a little more in detail within this review of Cashblurbs exactly how this works and why it may not be the best choice to drive traffic to your page.

How it works

When you join, you can post up to 10 ads per day as a free member, and 1 every 20 minutes as a paid member. Although they advertise as being able to post just 1 ad with a free membership, upon joining you are approved for 10 ads. These ads are referred to as “cashblurbs”. You can use this space to post your website, squeeze page or affiliate offers in hopes of steering traffic towards your website or affiliate offer page and seeing some conversions.

This is how they look:

Paid members get their ads placed at the top of this feed for more exposure, so if you are a free member you probably will have a very difficult time getting your ads seen or shared by anyone.

The catch is that for every ad you post, you need to share someone else’s on your Twitter or Facebook page. So if you post 10 ads per day, you need to share 10 different ads the same day.

On the surface, it may seem like a great way to gain traffic to your site and help others advertise theirs as well, and their website certainly makes it seems like the greatest thing ever. However, be careful because there are a lot of problems with advertising this way and I wouldn’t recommend doing it.

Some of the issues I have with using Cashblurbs

First of all, you’re basically just spamming the crap out of people. Who wants to see these kinds of posts all day long on their social media? These are ads that go directly to sites that claim things such as, “Want to earn $500 per day with this one simple trick?” or “How to Earn $10K overnight on autopilot” … you get the idea.

When you go click on the Twitter or Facebook feeds of the people who are sharing these, you’ll see that is all they are sharing around the clock is these ads. Who pays attention to that? It is pretty annoying.

Eventually, you’ll probably find yourself unfollowed by a lot of your “friends” or even worse – get your posts reported as spam. It may be easy to create a fake profile for sharing these posts, but according to their rules, you have to use an active Twitter or Facebook account, meaning you need to have at least 75 friends.

Even if you decide to go ahead and post these cashblurbs, Facebook does not want spam on their site and if the site you’re trying to post is suspicious, it will warn people who click the link or your post will get deleted, especially if others are reporting it as such.

“Guaranteed” Traffic Claim

There’s a pretty big claim that you’re guaranteed to get lots of traffic from this, but I would highly doubt that considering the way in which these are being advertised. Think of how noisy social media is – how many people are posting things every single day and how much of that stuff do you actually pay attention to? Very little!

Which brings me to my next point…

Low-Quality Traffic

This traffic generation method is like throwing mud at the wall and hoping some will stick. Sure, your ads are being shared on others social media platforms, but they’re getting shared by people who are also sharing many other ads like this every single day, and that just makes it seems even more like spam.

Also, Facebook is set up in such a way to make posts like this disappear from newsfeeds if your audience is not interested, so even if your posts get shared with someone who has 1,000 friends a limited number of those friends will see it and even less will actually click it. While Twitter operates a bit different, you’ll still have a limited and mostly uninterested audience.

Even if you do get some clicks, those clicks leading to conversions is a whole other story.


Free Membership 

The free membership gives you the ability to post 1 ad per day (as advertised) but you may be able to post up to 10

Unlimited Membership 

$20 per month gives you the ability to post your ad every 20 minutes around the clock, more exposure to your ads plus a free membership to something called The Amazing Widget (I think you need to request it from support, it isn’t automatic)

$7 traffic package

If you pay $7 up front, you can post 72 ads per 15 days, but you will automatically be billed the $20 for the monthly fee at the end of that so keep that in mind!

Pros vs Cons


  • They have a free option and you are not required to put down any credit card info
  • The payment is through Clickbank, which is pretty good at honoring returns


  • Very spammy
  • You’re going to have a hard time getting any exposure with the free membership
  • Any traffic generated will be low quality
  • Probably a waste of time and effort, way more effective methods can be used to generate traffic to your offers or blogs

My final thoughts on this program

Since you can sign up entirely free and post your ads, you’re not really taking any sort of risk except maybe annoying your friends on social media. However, I really don’t recommend using this method to promote your site. There are way more effective traffic generation methods that lead to more traffic and much higher conversions, so your time and money are really better spent elsewhere if you are looking to make money online. My top recommendation is a great place to learn these methods!

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