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#1 stupid error money making bloggers make (How to correct it)


Some bloggers don’t care about making money from blogging and that’s fine. But most of us blog as a business. So generating income from the activity is a reason we cannot deny.

The need to make money blogging is driving some money making bloggers crazy.  And I see many of us make this avoidable error. Most often, we don’t even see it as an error.

But it’s costing us a lot. It’s killing the very reason we blog.

What’s that’s stupid error though?

We focus on making money

That’s it.

I know it sounds like I’m making an error by calling this an error. But allow me explain.

To focus on making money is an error if you want to make money

Before we get into digging deeper, I have a post on 15 different ways bloggers make money. If you haven’t read that article, go check it out.

I also spoke with some 18 industry leaders and they shared with us how they make money blogging. Here is the post for you.

But how can focusing on making money be an error?

The quick answer is that money is attracted by something else. In other words, the inflow of money is  the result of something done. So we must be able to focus on those things that get the result.

Now, if you read this post, you’ll find out that Affiliate Marketing, Sponsored Content, Direct Advertising, Contextual Advertising, etc, are some of the ways to make money from your blog.

But there is just no way you can get these methods to work for you by focusing on them. Go ahead and spread banners all over your blog and let’s see how those banners metamorphose to money.

According to one of my buddies, Ryan Biddulph of BloggingFromParadise, Affiliate Marketing has never made anybody money. You may find that hard to chew but check out details here.

Let’s talk about sponsored content for a moment.

Many bloggers make a lot of money getting paid to review products. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the ways I monetize this blog.

Often, companies pay between $100 and $500 for a sponsored post here. Some blogs even make more and this depends on a couple of factors. I won’t get into that now.

The point is if you focus on getting companies to pay you money to review their products, you’ll soon regrettably fail.


Because you are focusing on the money and that’s just the wrong path to take. Many bloggers have done all they are told. Some have read my post here on how and where to find advertisers to buy space on their blogs.

They have a long list of advertisers they have contacted. They have sent beautiful attractive mails. Yet it’s like the world is just collapsing on them.

Again, the reason is that they are focusing on the money. But here is the simple truth:

Once you start focusing on the right things, Advertisers will spot you and come for themselves with their credit cards in their hands.

And that sounds incredible doesn’t it?

But what are the things that attract money for bloggers

If the inflow of money is a result of some other things, what are these things? What do you do to attract money?

As a matter of fact, there is just one thing you should focus on to trigger money your way and this is to:

Drive more targeted traffic.

Don’t be fooled. That’s the only thing you need to focus on to make money blogging. More of it means more money. Less of it means less money.

I don’t care what you were told by your coach. But the simple truth is that if you and your family are the only readers on your blog, you will remain broke for the rest of it.

Targeted traffic is the traffic made up of the quality of readers who will appreciate your content. They will find value in what you share  and stick around to form your marketplace.

Some marketers are teaching you to focus on Conversion Optimization. That’s beautiful but if you don’t get traffic, what are you trying to convert?

Save for later on Pinterest:

How do you drive targeted traffic to your blog?

Have you noticed I have been talking about targeted traffic? That’s because it does really matter who is reading your blog.

That means telling your friends and school mates you have a new post makes completely no sense if they are just coming to see what their mate has shared.

But I’m going to share with you 4 less-mentioned steps to drive targeted traffic to your blog. There is no way round it. You must follow these steps to see results:

1 – You or your blog?

People think it’s about their blogs. But the truth is your blog is just a reflection of your worth. Anyone can create a beautiful, eye candy blog. It’s just technology that’s at the reach of all right?

But that’s not important this moment. In blogging, people seek to connect with people not their blogs. Work on your person. Train yourself. Add value to your inner man.

Position yourself to help others and they will be a constant move from outsiders to connect with you. Investing in you is a major step towards attracting money.

NB: Buy my eBook Affiliate Marketing for bloggers for $9 only. Click here!

2 – Find problems faced by the people

You cannot avoid this step if you want to make money blogging. You must be able to find a problem people in your niche face.

The beauty about this point is that there are problems everywhere. It doesn’t matter the direction of your thinking, you are always going to find someone wrapped up in a certain difficulty. That will be an opportunity for you to make money.

3 – Find solutions to those problems

The next step is to provide solutions to these problems. In other words, publish content that helps your audience solve their problems.

Remember we are talking about how to drive targeted traffic and this is a crucial point.

More of the people reading blogs are looking for solutions to some problems. There is actually no useful content that doesn’t solve a particular problem. In every niche, there are small and big problems.

So don’t just write. Ask yourself how your next article is going to help readers out. What are you seeking to address? What is the takeaway point?

4 – Tell your audience about the problem you are solving

You’ve found a problem. You’ve provided a solution. It’s time to let (not the whole world but) those who are affected by the problem know you have a solution on your blog.

This is where you do all those things you’ve read about driving traffic to your blog:

  • SEO
  • Social media
  • Guest posting
  • Blog commenting
  • Niche Forum posting
  • Content syndication
  • Etc

Here is the bitter truth:

If you go to do these things without your blog solving problems,  chances are that you won’t get good results. Period!

For the most part, if your blog really solves people’s problems, readers will turn to it always. The solutions you provide will attract readers who are ready to spend.

Your Marketplace is growing

When readers come to your blog and discover you have an engaging and active audience, they will have the push to become your customers. They would want to buy your services, buy space on your blog, sponsor content on your blog, etc.

They reason is that you have a market for them. They don’t pay you because they have some affinity with you or your blog. They don’t love you. They want results. That’s why they pay you.

Recommended: Advertisers are NOT Stupid But These 10 Things Attract Them! Esp #10

If you focus on growing your marketplace (through a growing flow of targeted readers), advertisers will locate you by themselves and if you make any move to contact them, they will find it difficult to turn down your deal.

Making money with affiliate marketing will be easier

We are in the days when people don’t just buy products because of long list of features. They don’t even believe in the shinny objects on sales pages. Consumers want an endorsement by an influencer (someone they trust)

If you help your readers solve their problems, you become their influencer. In other words, you have an influence on their buying decision.

That’s so important!

So each time you mention and recommend a product, they’ll buy and you earn the commissions.

You can only influence people of you add value to their lives. So turn your focus from the money. Face those things that attract money – adding value to people’s lives. You will see money.

Save on Pinterest for later:

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2 HOT blog post ideas that will HUGELY attract backlinks and traffic!


There are 2 problems I’m about to address in today’s post and I’m quite confident you can find these solutions readily available.

The first problem is that of blog post ideas. By the time you end this post, you are going to be armed with an excellent post idea that will highly contribute in solving the next problem.

The second problem is social shares and traffic. Traffic is the lifeline of any online business. No matter how beautiful your offer is, without traffic, it’s as good as dead.

I will be laying at your door steps two awesome  ideas that will surely generate social shares from bloggers all over the globe. Perfectly done, you will be getting editorial backlinks from awesome blogs and consequently referral traffic from social media, other blogs and search engine traffic.

The beauty about the whole thing is after reading this post, you can instantly go to work and start seeing results. It’s free to execute and requires not many hours.

You can do this weekly and keep growing your traffic, backlinks, etc and network with so many bloggers in your niche. What I’m about to share is not from imagination. It’s from my practical experience and you can see it right on this blog.

Show some love. Save on Pinterest


Here is the first blog post idea that generates traffic, social shares and backlinks

1 – Featured bloggers!

This is not the traditional interview blog post idea that we know. While traditional interviews have their place, they are gradually fading out. One of the reasons behind this is the fact that some bloggers lack inspiration. They questions they put forward are copy-paste, making the whole exercise a bore.

I have been running the feature blogger slot on my blog since last year and the results are just so awesome. Not only does this help me create new relationships and fortify current ones, I also get backlinks from most of the bloggers I feature here on my blog.  Yes, they get so excited and go on to link to their featured article from their blogs.

Besides, they share the hell out of it. The result is traffic and traffic and traffic.

Here is what happens:

Get to relatively popular bloggers and ask them to provide some basic information about themselves. You have to precise they write in the third person.

3 out of 4 will possibly respond. Get the materials and mix up with some more information. The idea is to sell the blogger as much as possible on your blog. Keep nothing back! Share their products, blog posts, guest articles, social media profiles.

The result of this is always traffic for them:

When I started featuring bloggers on my former blog, I kicked off with my friend Ivin. The outcome was a traffic revival. Check out this article he wrote about the traffic spike.

2 – Round up post!

Here is another way to give out to fellow bloggers while indirectly getting them on their promotion wheels to spread the word about you.

Here is the point:

As you blog-hop, you come across impressive posts. Put them down and at any given time, tell your readers about them. Some bloggers do this on Fridays while some on Mondays. It’s all in your hands. Do it weekly or monthly. All I know is this is a beautiful and actionable blog post idea.

My friend Erik Emanulli decoded this:

Erik listed 8 must-read blogs and this no doubt attracted the attention of powerful 8 bloggers who did not even need Erik’s consent to promote his post.

Adrienne Smith knew this trick before me. She’s been doing this and getting results:

She’s been doing this on her blog and I believe this has been a wonderful success. Of course, the fact she keeps coming up with this post structure tells us something good drops  out of it.

In a recent round up, she mentioned me on this powerful list of 16 recommended bloggers.

That’s not all:

In a recent post that is growing very popular, Chintan featured me on this list of 35 blog leaders along side many tough bloggers:

The examples are many and each time I get mentioned in a round up post, I get excited and want to share the post. Not only that, I talk about the mention on my blog (just like I’m doing now)

Tell blog owners about it!

Once you do a round up post, shoot a mail to blog owners and let them know you gave them a shout out on your blog.

Now, taking the pains to send them a mail is important:

That’s it for today!

Let me know what you think. Drop a comment in the comment box and please, share this post on social media

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PayPal Money Adder – Free Money to your Paypal Account or SCAM?


PayPal Money Adder  software (or PayPal Money Generator) is a piece of app that adds money straight to your PayPal account absolutely free.

All you do is get the software, run the app (or use the web free PayPal Money app), fill the form and then you receive the money.

That’s something that sounds amazingly incredible. I must say the authors of this Free PayPal Money adder are smart.

They are smart in their own world because no one in a genuine business garment will fall to such madness.

Watch video

PayPal Money Adder software scam and fraud

My first piece of advice is you STAY AWAY from anything that promises you free money online. When it comes to PayPal, you have to not even think twice. Quit!

Don’t even give it a try. PayPal Money Adder is a big fraud and I will tell you what the authors are doing in a moment.

PayPal is the biggest and most secured payment processor online today. I do not agree with anyone who things there is a bug in the PayPal platform that allows some malicious application to manipulate their database for such a period of time.

I’m not writing this post to review PayPal. I simply want to let you know PayPal Money Adder that promises to add money to your PayPal account is a massive dead trap. It’s not possible to game PayPal so easily and no one in the world is giving away such free money.

Want to make real, genuine business online and have money sent to your PayPal account from authentic companies?


Check this post out!

PayPal Money Generator – Wolfs in sheep’s garments?

Folks are developing different ways to make money online. While the Internet has genuine ways to earn a growing passive income, there are many money making scams you must not fall to.

The PayPal Free Money desktop or web applications have different names:

  1. PayPal Money Generator
  2. PayPal Money Adder

Whatever names it goes by, web or desktop, they are all scam. Here is one of them:

Why PayPal Money Adder or PayPal Money Generator is dangerous

Generally, these free PayPal money adders will ask for your PayPal email, the amount you want to receive and the currency.

To sound like they are genuine, they will tell you they don’t need your PayPal account password. That gives you some measure of security and pushes you to go ahead and submit your PayPal email address.  By doing that, you just help them earn money. Here are 4 reasons any PayPal money adder is dangerous:

1 – Phishing

This is the fraudulent attempt to obtain sensitive information such as your usernames, passwords, and credit card details, often for malicious reasons.

‘Phishers’ do this by  sending you emails purporting to be from reputable companies in order to induce you to reveal your personal and sensitive information.

Phishing emails are so well designed to make you believe it’s coming from a genuine source. By submitting your data to them, you give them express entrance into your accounts.

Though PayPal Money Generators don’t ask for your password, what they do is send you mails as coming from PayPal, requesting you sign in to your PayPal account to authorize them resolve a supposed issue.

Here is a sample of a PayPal Phishing mail

You may receive a mail that looks more genuine than this. But here are a couple of things to pay attention to:

  • The From email. Sometimes, it comes from a domain name not owned by PayPal
  • The Reply-to email. Usually not PayPal’s authorized address
  • The content of the mail. There is always something fishy inside
  • The external link the button points to.

Often, the phishing mail may look 100% like coming from PayPal. The page that opens if you click the button in the mail looks a genuine PayPal website. But the domain name will be completely different:

Now, if you submit your email on those PayPal Money senders, this is what they will do to you any time later. They do this to thousands of PayPal email addresses they have in their database.

2 – They sell your emails to big companies

Some companies are in the business of buying valid email addresses for advertisement. Sometimes you get some adverts straight to your inbox and you are wondering how they got your email address.

There are different ways to get people’s emails without their consent. That’s pure spamming but by the time the companies gain access to hundreds of thousands or millions of these valid addresses, they would have come to the point of making good business.

Once those PayPal Money Adder promoters build a huge list through their fake software, it makes good business for them selling the list for huge sums.

3 – Malicious software download.

Some desktop PayPal Money Adder software may contain some malicious, spy script. If your computer is not running the latest version of a good anti-virus, anti- spyware, you may end up exposing your entire system to the  wickedness of some folks. The best prevention is not to get involved.

4 – They use you to make their business

One of the things you will notice is that to complete the money transfer process, you will sometimes be required to fill a survey form and do some promotion for the so-called free PayPal Money Generator.

While you will never end up receiving any funds in your Paypal, you would have submitted your email address and helped them do some more promotion.

5 – You lose money by buying the app

Some PayPal Money Adders are not free at all. While the malicious app is seeking to cause you some harm, their authors are walking away with some cool money from naive Internet users.

Is PayPal Money Adder Legit or Scam?

There is no way anyone can convince me that any PayPal Money Adder software is legitimate for 2 reasons:

  1. Gaming PayPal to transfer funds is practically not possible
  2. Why would someone just give out free money to people? There is something fishy behind.

Any Genuine Way To Receive PayPal Money?

Absolutely yes!

PayPal is the most highly used and recommended Payment processor used by many companies worldwide.

To receive PayPal money consistently, you need to be able to do business and be paid by legitimate companies.

Creating a small business online can be a daunting task. However, I show you in this post how to create a genuine business online and get paid day in day out.

Hope this helps.

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Linkbuilding: 5 Techniques That Will Never Fail To Rank Your Blog Post


If you want your web pages to be even considered for ranking on Google, you need backlinks. Without them, there is virtually no way of making it to the top of search engine result pages (SERPs).

Still, you will find some claiming to rank their websites without any backlinks. Problem with that is you probably cannot replicate the same steps for your niche, especially if it is a highly competitive one.

That is exactly why there is a third pillar of search engine optimization (SEO). Off-page SEO, aka linkbuilding, is how you can secure (and almost guarantee) high rankings on the SERPs.

Over the years, SEOs have come up with more than hundred ways of getting backlinks. Some work, some don’t, and some ruin your website’s ranking.

Google punishes some of these techniques, warns against a lot of them, and does not like any of them.

Today’s list will focus on those that Google warns against and does not like. The simple reason for that is because these techniques will always work as long as backlinks are important as a ranking factor.

Should You Buy Backlinks In 2018? It’s a question that keeps coming up.

So, what are these linkbuilding techniques that will never fail to work? Let’s find out.

1. Linkbait, High-Quality Content

This is the technique that Google hates but simply cannot penalize. Linkbait content is a high-quality piece of writing that answers questions on your topic with as much detail as possible.

You probably have read about it on Brian Dean’s Skyscraper Technique, although the idea existed well before him.

If you can write content that is better than the results on the first page and ask the right people to link to it, you will have more chances of outranking your competition.

I always encourage content writers and bloggers alike to follow a content writing process that allows them to write better than what’s already available. If you are just rewriting what others wrote, it will get you nowhere. But if you can have something more to add, you are on the right track.

Linkbait content can be in the form of new techniques that you use personally and can help the audience in your niche. It can be a possible answer to a question everyone asks, and no one has yet provided a reasonable response to. Or, you can write a pretty long and detailed case study that can help everyone involved.

The most important thing to remember when writing to attract backlinks is not only to write better than everyone else, but also provide more value to your reader.

Don’t forget to optimize your posts to have the best CTR. That also affects SEO.

2. Guest Posting on Relevant Blogs

This is the technique that Google keeps warning SEOs about. Well, not particularly as I will describe it below. Google does not appreciate sponsored posts and is trying to find a way to penalize them.

Of course, they cannot track payment records for content published online as sponsored posts. But they penalize (or they wish if they could) blogs which pay or accept money for links.

However, the guest posting I’m talking about here is based on the first technique. You don’t want to write guest posts only to get one additional backlink, but to have access to a larger audience.

Guest posting allows you to write high-quality articles on other people’s blogs, get a direct backlink to your website, in addition to all the good karma that comes with it. This includes referral traffic, more backlinks to content on your site, more email subscribers, and if you run a business, more profitable leads.

This linkbuilding technique will always exist as long as bloggers only publish high-quality guest posts. Google (or any search engine) cannot penalize a blog for putting out content that answers the reader’s question. That would go against their own goals.

3. Turn Keyword and Social Mentions Into Backlinks

If you run a business, chances are someone has written about you. Maybe it’s a review; maybe it is a simple brand mention, or anything really. You can ask them to simply link back to your content since they have mentioned it. Of course, not everyone will do it, but those who will add your link can help your linkbuilding efforts show more results.

A little less known method, however, is turning keywords into backlinks as well. Most of the time, bloggers talk about a variety of subjects and simply don’t have the time to find additional links to add.

So, they use a keyword in their articles without linking to anyone in your niche. If your content is well-written, you can simply ask them to link back to you again using that keyword.

You can monitor keyword mentions the same you would mention brand mentions: using alerts on Google and/or BuzzSumo. These two are among the best tools for bloggers.

You can set the alert for a weekly email of all mentions. All you have to do is find the emails of the content creators and pitch them your content.

It won’t hurt if you make small gestures such as sharing and commenting on their content before bluntly asking for a backlink.

4. Grow Your Influencer Network

No, I’m not talking about Private Blog Networks (PBNs). That’s a strategy to talk about in another article. Something along the lines of “How to Rank Today And Never Rank Again”. As you can see, I’m not a fan of them. I have my reasons.

But what I’m a fan of is building a network of active influencers. These people are the ones who have the most authority in your niche, have a large following base, and they are active on social media platforms and on niche-related forums.

When you are associated with influencers, you start getting the benefits of being their friend. You can send them emails notifying them of your new content, your content updates, and discuss relevant news in your industry.

Once you build that great relationship, they will link to you and promote your content regularly and without you even asking. It’s a mutual benefit relationship, though. You have to give as much you’d like to take. If you’re not a happy sharer, this probably won’t work for you.

Still, once you find influencers and connect with them, you are set to go. Just be careful not to spam them, and don’t get involved with spammers.

Ryan’s guest post here goes into more detail about that.

5. Broken Linkbuilding

This is a linkbuilding technique that Google hates and loves at the same time. This helps both search engines and webmasters provide the best user experience to users.

Most of the time, bloggers will write great posts, rank them high, be proud of them, and simply move on to the next one. During that period, some of the blog posts they linked to disappear, leaving their content with broken links that lead nowhere.

Your job is simply to create content that answers the same question for that link and let the webmaster know that his outbound links are not working properly and should be fixed.

Even better than that is you find all the bloggers who have linked to that broken page (or sometimes, a whole domain), and let them know that you have better content that actually works.

You will have a high success rate if your pitch is well-phrased to show that your content is quality and that the webmaster is benefitting anyway. That’s why this technique will always work.


Linkbuilding in SEO is vital. You can try to ignore it, but I wouldn’t really encourage you to focus all your time on writing content. “Publish and pray” does not work anymore, and it’s time to get your marketing skills sharpened.

The five techniques I have listed above will work in SEO as long as backlinks are a ranking factor. Not only so, but because they rely on high-quality content, they will work virtually forever.

Let me know what other techniques you think will stand the test of time.

Don’t forget to share!

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The Most Important Parts Of Your Blog Post (The Secret Sauce)


The Most Important Parts Of Your Blog Post (The Secret Sauce)

Getting more blog subscribers can be a pain in the butt. Wouldn’t you agree?

How many people do you think are actually reading your entire blog posts?

In order to become a successful blogger, you must know how to create the best content for your target audience and learn how to turn them into loyal subscribers and eventually customers.

You can’t just write up a new blog post and hit publish without following a proven plan for better content conversion.

It would really suck to spend hours writing a new valuable blog post for your niche audience only to find out it is not converting well and people are not reading the whole article and click away a few seconds after landing on it.

You need to know what makes your target audience click and engage.

Don’t create content just for the sake of it.

Today, I’m going to share with you the secret sauce to make your new reader become super interested in reading your entire blog post and possibly become a loyal subscriber.

The way you structure your blog post should be smart.

There is a lot of human psychology and human behavior that goes into online marketing and blogging.

Blogging can now be a real business that makes you good money. You can build an income with your blog.

You can build a passive income with a niche blog.

That’s no longer a myth.

But, you need to build your blog the right way in order to accomplish that.

The keys to building a profitable blog are in the way you build your blog’s design, the way you write content, and the way you structure everything.

In my previous guest post (here on this blog) I talked about the three most important keys to successful blogging – I highly recommend you to read it.

Everything has to come together nicely in order for your blog to take off.

It is important that you invest in your education on the topics of blogging and internet marketing.

I would also suggest investing in your education about human psychology and behavior online.

Anybody can build a blog and start blogging but not everyone will be able to actually build an online income doing it.

One important part of this entire blogging for profits process is the copywriting for high conversions.

There is no point in having a beautiful blog design if your content is not converting as many new readers into subscribers.

Conversion Rate

Most of your new visitors will land on a blog post.

So, knowing this little fact, you should work on the way you structure your blog post and learn the tactics to make your new visitor read your entire blog post and end up subscribing for more.

It’s obvious that your ultimate goal with your blog is not only to help the reader but also turn them into a customer (eventually).

This is what we call Conversion. It is the action of turning a visitor into a subscriber and customer.

A study shows that on average a person needs to see an offer about seven times before they make the decision to buy.

This is why email marketing is very important.

I would recommend you to start building your email list from the get-go.

Something that helps a lot with email marketing is building an enticing lead magnet along with great content on your blog.

When you show your new visitor how much value you are sharing with your blog posts and you offer them a relevant lead magnet – they will be happy to opt-in and subscribe to get your blog updates and get the freebie.

: I recommend you checkout Sue’s post on the best ways to use freebies

One smart tactic to build your blog’s subscribers fast is to tell your visitor to subscribe to blog updates and also tell them they will receive a gift for doing so.

A lot of bloggers do this because it really works.

Test this out by implementing this on your blog. Don’t forget to track everything so you can learn how it performs with your target audience.

Now, you have an inviting offer for your new visitor to subscribe to your blog, the next step is to work on delivering as much value to them with your content.

If you want someone to get very interested in reading your entire blog post and actually like what you are sharing and ultimately subscribe – you need to structure your blog posts in a specific way.

The success of your blog will depend mostly on how much value you share with your niche audience and how you share it.

The Secret Sauce

You have less than 5 seconds to make a new visitor read your entire blog post – otherwise, they will click the back button on their browser.

If you want to build a profitable blog in any niche you must learn how you can make someone stay on your blog post, engage, and subscribe.

You can also improve your Google rankings by making people interested in reading your entire blog post and taking some sort of action.

There is something called Bounce Rate and Dwell Time. And these two metrics are important for better Google rankings because of Google RankBrain.

I’ll give you a quick explanation of this; if someone happens to find your blog post in a Google search and then click on the link to go to it but they don’t like your content and immediately go back to the search results, it will tell Google that your content is not very valuable to that searcher – and Google will drop your rankings causing you to not get much or any free organic traffic.

Makes sense?

Here is what can help with that.

Human psychology and behavior can help you benefit from each new visitor as much as possible. Once your visitors are actually staying on your page and reading your entire content your Google rankings can also improve.

This is why I’ve said that everything has to come together nicely in order for your blog to take off.

Human Psychology And Behavior

I love studying this topic because it is an important part of marketing, in general.

I would say that this is the “secret sauce” (human psychology and behavior) to help you build a profitable blog in any niche.

Learning what makes people click and what triggers their actions online is one of the most important parts of internet marketing.

Here is the thing; your blog is the venue for people in your niche to find you, and internet marketing is the strategy to turn these people into customers.

You get what I’m saying?

A successful blogger is not just a blogger – a successful blogger is also a successful internet marketer.

I’m going to share with you the most important parts of your blog post so you can start structuring them in a smart way that will help get people more engaged with your content.

The Most Important Parts Of Your Blog Post

You have a few seconds to make someone either stay on your blog post page or leave to keep searching for what they are looking for.

So, the first few sentences in your blog posts are super duper important!

The Intro (your hook)

You have to convince your new visitor to keep reading right out of the gate.

Your first few sentences are one of the most important parts of your blog post.

These first few sentences are what will determine whether a new visitor keeps reading or leaves right away.

You need to learn what would make someone want to keep reading your content.

Learn what type of words and what type of copywriting can help your content become very interesting in just a few sentences.

You must have what we call “content hooks”.

How can you come up with content hooks?

Well, you need to learn more about the people in your niche. Their pain with specific problems.

You need to provide them with the best solutions to their problems.

Here is what you need to do:

First, start with a statement your new reader can agree with (talk about the pain).

Secondly, you want to transition to what the blog post is going to cover (the solution).

Thirdly, you want to address the problem (pain) in more details and hook your new reader to keep reading.

Lastly, you want to speak directly to the new reader. Write in the second person – which means you want to use “You” in your content, as in “you are experiencing this problem and I will help you find the solution”.

The Title (the gate to your intro)

A great intro to your blog post goes along with an enticing title.

The title of your blog post is what will make people click to find out what your blog post can provide them with.

Your intro is the hook to make them want to keep reading once they’ve landed on your blog post page.

There are certain types of titles that are proven to work well to make people click and to learn more.

Here is helpful data that was gathered by Buzzsumo about headlines.

You have to get very creative with your blog post titles. You also need to keep track of all of your blog posts in order to learn what is working best to trigger your target audience to click and want to learn more.

It’s important that you use the Google Analytics tool and Google Webmasters tool to keep track, learn your content’s performance, and tweak to improve.

Once you have someone hooked to keep reading you need to go ahead and share the value you want your reader to take away from your blog post in the best way possible.

The last part would be your outro.

The Outro (call to action)

You need to tell your new reader what you want them to do after reading your entire blog post.

Tell them to share your content with others who might need the help and also tell them to either click on something or subscriber to your blog.

Whatever your ultimate goal is with your content you have to tell the reader and be really clear at the end of the blog post.

Don’t be afraid to ask for something – you are spending time creating valuable content for your niche audience for a reason. You want to sell your solutions to their problems and make a living doing so.

Take great care of each one of these parts of your blog post and learn more as you go to improve and grow your blog’s audience and subscriber’s list.

Wrapping it up

Driving traffic to your blog is great and it is important, but it isn’t enough to make a living blogging.

You need to study the art of blogging for profits. It is a must that you get the right courses and even hires a coach/mentor to give you the best education possible and cut the big learning curve.

There is a lot to learn to become a successful blogger. What I’m sharing with you today is just one part of the entire process. There is also email marketing tactics, SEO, copywriting, and so on.

Become a smart blogger by making smart choices.

Start implementing what you’ve learned today and keep on moving forward in the right direction.

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