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How to get good keywords from GWT, now Google Search Console (GSC)


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Treated: How to get good keywords from gwt!

Recently, I noticed an incredible improvement in my search ranking as a result of studying GWT (now Google Search Console), discovering new good keywords and tweaking my articles for better results.

Keyword research is the most important and crucial step in any successful online campaign. While some users have opted to ignore Google natural traffic, I think it’s still important to know what’s in searchers’ mind each time they use Google.

Knowing how to do keyword research and often doing it before creating blog post determines how you will succeed in pulling search traffic to your blog. While we are advised to just flow in writing for human readers not search bot, we cannot completely neglect search spiders.

The recent updates in the search engine industry even makes it more interesting and simple. Search bots are no longer interested in keyword occurrences in your article.

They are looking and indexing semantic relevance. Searchers too have grown from typing single words in search boxes to asking questions and keying in conversational phrases. Look at this example;

From simple “free keyword tool” to a more conversational “what is the best free online keyword tool”

How to get good keywords from GWT -The best free online keyword tool?

I think Google Webmaster tools (Google Search Console) is the best and most recommended free online keyword research tool from an almost neglected perspective.

Generally, online marketers and bloggers often go looking for which keywords are pulling traffic to other websites, which keyword is ranking other websites on page #1, which keywords is not competitive, etc.  We concentrate on keywords that are working for others (and start competing with them) rather than looking for keywords that are already working for us and improve on them.

That’s the almost neglected perspective I underlined above – looking for keywords that are already working for us and tweaking for more results!

Google Webmaster Tools helps you in this;  Shows you keywords that are already pulling traffic to your blog so you can focus on them for a better search ranking and more natural traffic.

There are lots of things within your Google Webmaster Tools but I want to focus on 3 in this post;

  1. Which keywords are most searched that bring you more impressions with little traffic
  2. Which keywords are already pulling traffic to my blog
  3. Which blog posts are receiving traffic from these keywords

Knowing these points will help us do more keyword research and optimize our articles for more search traffic.

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How to get good keywords from gwt – Impressions and low clicks

Impressions are simply the number of times your entries show up on search engine result page. From your GWT, you find out that some keywords generate more impressions and low clicks. What’s the possible explanation?

Look at my example below. The keyword “Make Money blogging” generates over 1000k impressions and 1 clicks to 1 url during the last 30 days.

how to get good keywords from gwt

There is a simple reason for the low clicks – My entries don’t show up on Google page #1. According to this report, the average position on Google search result where my entry is found is 53, that’s from page #5.

With this information, I may want to do some more tweaking on this article – analyze competitor strength, add more materials to the article, more LSI keywords, build more backlinks and social signals, make the title and description more attractive, etc

Take a look at this screen…

How to get good keywords from GWT

The keyword atomic email hunter gets 282 impressions. That puts me on position 20+ with 1 click.

Now, I think these keywords are easy to rank on Google. Sometimes we run after popular keywords that are quite hard to rank for.

We can do better tweaking and trying to rank for these little known phrases. They are they low hanging fruits. You can easily do some optimization and shoot yourself to page 1.

From the example above, I can easily optimize the blog post that gets ranked for the keyword atomic email hunter and move up to page 1.

These are absolutely good keywords because I’m already getting some exposure from them. For the most part, the articles ranked were not originally optimized for these keywords. GWT is just being awesome by helping us discover what’s working for us.

Bottom line …

It’s possible to use Google Webmaster Tools as a free keyword tool to improve your search engine rankings.  How do you use this tool exactly?

  • Get the keywords that generates the highest number of impressions with low clicks
  • Get the pages with these high impressions and low clicks
  • Tweak these pages to improve ranking and attract more clicks.

Follow these steps;

Logon to your GSC account and click Search Results on the left menu. On the page that follows, click the “Impressions” tab to show by descending order – from the highest to the lowest.

To see the pages that show up on search result pages for each keyword, click the keyword in question.

That’s it!

Let’s engage! Now you know how to get good keywords from gwt so Speak your mind in the comment box below. What do you think about GSC being an important free keyword tool? Help share this article on social media for more exposure.

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[ Xoom ] Send Paypal Payments to Cameroon, Nigeria, Africa, easily!


send money from paypal balance to africa

Xoom, a PayPal Service for worldwide money transfer may be the most expected PayPal solution to move funds from other parts of the world to Africa.

Though this isn’t solving the problem of African freelancers and digital entrepreneurs receiving online paymentsv from service platforms, it allows them to receive money from family and friends.

PayPal’s Xoom allows someone in USA, Canada, Europe, etc, with a valid PayPal account to transfer money to from PayPal to Nigeria, Cameroon and other third world countries. Funds can be moved straight to Bank Account or Direct Pickup through partner agencies.

Create A Free Xoom Account

How to receive PayPal Payments in Cameroon, Nigeria and other Not-covered countriesClick To Tweet

Transfer PayPal Funds to Cameroon for instant Picktup

If you are out of Cameroon and you’d like to make secured money transfer to Cameroon (from your PayPal Balance) without risk of compromising your Card data, you’ve got to try out Xoom.

The advantages are many:

  • Low fees
  • Recipient can pickup anywhere in Cameroon
  • You can make direct Bank Deposit to all Banks in Cameroon
  • Transfer is quick and secured

First, go open a free Xoom account here. Signup using existing PayPal Account or use email.

Sending money is quite easy and straight to the point:

Xoom money transfer

Go to Quick Send -> Send Money tab and select the country from the list of countries covered. We are going with Cameroon for the sake of this demo

Send PayPal Money To Cameroon

Sending $1000 from USA to Cameroon only costs $2,99. That’s amazing right? And the exchange rate isn’t inflated.

Xoom Cash Pickup

Now, you have two options to receive the funds in Cameroon:

  1. Bank Deposit (All mojor banks supported)
  2. Cash Pickup.

Let’s move on with the Cash Pickup method:

cash pickup from any agency

At the moment of writing, Cash Pickup is available at Banque Atlantic, First Trust, ECPC Credit Populaire and Exchange House SARL. I know this will rapidly grow with time.

The next step is to fill out the recipient form:

Xoom recipient form

Note that the recipient will need a valid ID document to receive the funds. The names you fill on this form should match names on his/her document.

NB: If you have enough funds in your PayPal Balance to cover the transaction, that will be available for use.

Some commonly asked questions addressed by Xoom:

  • How to receive PayPal payments in Cameroon
  • Can I receive PayPal payments in Cameroon
  • How to withdraw PayPal in Cameroon
  • How to open PayPal account that receive money in Nigeria
  • How to withdraw from PayPal to Nigeria bank account

Top up mobile Phone in Cameroon, Nigeria and Africa with PayPal

Let me walk you through the process of buying airtime for any phone Number in Cameroon (MTN and ORANGE). I don’t have Nextell this moment to try out.

top up momo with PayPal

Go to Quick Start -> Reload Phones

Then Select the phone country, enter the number you want to recharge or select from the list:

reload mobile phone with PayPal

Xoom will automatically detect the carrier and if the number is valid. Again, this is quick and cheap. They have a flat rate of 1.49 USD per transaction to Cameroon and the maximum topup amount at the moment of writing was 19700. I don’t know if this is unique to my Xoom account.

NB: If you are running the app for the very first time, PayPal may require some authentication actions to make sure your account isn’t being pirated.

How to send money from PayPal to Pickup or Bank Account in Nigeria.

Here is how to withdraw from PayPal to Nigeria Bank AccountClick To Tweet

Sending money from PayPal to a recipient in Nigeria is pretty same as in Cameroon. Of course you’ll have to select Nigeria from the list of countries:

sending PayPal money to Nigeria

Sending $1000 to Nigeria incurs low fees of $4,99. Though this is a bit on the upper side of the charges for Cameroon, it’s still quite competitive.

Like in Cameroon, there are two methods available in Nigeria:

  • Bank Deposit (Deposits to all banks in Nigeria typically in minutes Banks include GT Bank, First Bank of Nigeria, and more)
  • Cash Pickup

If you select the Bank Deposit method, you’ll need to select the bank and enter the recipient’s account number to continue:

PayPal bank deposit

Load a Mobile phone in Nigeria with Xoom

This is quite as simple as Cameroon. The only difference is you have to select Nigeria as your Mobile phone country:

load a phone in Nigeria

Enter the phone number and Xoom is going to run some checks. You have four packages to choose from:

load mobile phone in Nigeria Xoom

This action to Nigeria has a unique charge of 1.99 USD

Adding Recipients to Xoom list

One of the things you may want to do is to add recipients to your account. That way, each time you want to make payment, it would be easier to pick from the list.

Go to the left menu and click Recipients and then on Add Recipient button:

add recipients to Xoom

Xoom Money Transfer Payment Options

There are three payment options available for Xoomers:

  • Bank Account
  • Credit Card
  • PayPal Balance

Xoom is a PayPal service so definitely, you can use your PayPal Balance to make payments. According to their website, “Your PayPal balance will appear as a payment option if you have enough available balance to pay for your Xoom transaction in full.

How helpful is Xoom to Africans?

PayPal has been and it’s still the most secured Payment Processor online. However, many African countries and online entrepreneurs are left out.

The ease and PayPal security make it quite widely used. I think Xoom is their effort to safely expand to Africa and other third world countries in the money transfer industry.

As a freelancer who earns commissions on job platforms like UpWork, Fiverr,Freelancer,  or as an author who sells stuffs online, you will need a valid foreign PayPal account to receive your funds. Xoom will help you move the funds to Africa at very competitive rate.

But if you have someone who wants to send you funds using Credit Card, Bank Deposit or PayPal, this is arguably the most affordable method.

How to send funds from PayPal Balance to Nigeria, Cameroon and other African countriesClick To Tweet

Xoom Vs WorldRemit

For about a year now, I have been using WorldRemit to receive payments from USA and Europe. I have also received funds from PayPal through WR. Here is how it happens:

  • You link a valid Bank account to PayPal
  • Transfer funds from PayPal to the Bank Account
  • Then attache the Bank Account to your WordRemit Account
  • Move funds from your foreign Bank Account to local bank account, thanks to Worldremit

But I personally think Xoom is a serious thread to WR. The reason is at the level of charges and time. With WorldRemit, you loose a lot of money on the way. You will also need a Foreign Bank account to operate, which isn’t required with Xoom.


Go try out Xoom here

Let me know what you think about Xoom for money transfer and PayPal payment

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How to make money blogging in 2020 – Anything new?


One common question I get from starters is how bloggers make money blogging.

Of course there are many ways to make money online but note that blogging is a sustainable online business not a get rich quick scheme.

2020 is here. Are there new things? Are the old methods still working?

Starting a blog isn’t the issue here. But how to make money blogging is what keeps many online money makers very busy.

People get so passionate about seeing some form of earnings reports from their blogs. If you have a blog, you can make money from it – bloggers make $10,000 and more.

I’m not ignorant that most people who want to generate income blogging start off on a wrong footing. They begin with the money making drive as their foundation.

That always is wrong as the money will need some bit of work to start coming in. If you were taught to think it’s a quick game, chances are you will be defeated.

Now, there is so much polluted materials out there that can get you fooled if you are not vigilant. Making money online is a real business not a game.

How to make money online blogging in 2020+

In as much as the question on how bloggers make money looks very basic, there are lots of folks out there tearing their hair not knowing what to do or where to start.

I have had several friends on Facebook tell me please Enstine, take a look at my blog and help give me  tips on what to do to start making money.

I want us to understand here that while your blog is a massive passive income generator and a huge channel through which much can be tapped, there are a couple of opportunities off the blog.

As a blogger, there are several ways to make money blogging. Let me first of all underline here that as time goes on, new money making opportunities are popping up from here and there. However, there are standard ways to make money as a blogger.

In recent times, we’ve seen the rise of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain. This has ushered in a couple of new ways bloggers make money with their blogs or additional ways to make extra money for folks who want to make money  from home.

-> Recommendation: 18 top bloggers reveal how they make money blogging

I want to approach this question from two angles. I’m sure this will make us really understand where we are going:

A – How to make money blogging directly on your own website.
B – How to Make money off your blog

A – How bloggers make money blogging on their blogs

Let’s look at different ways your blog can directly generate income for you. That means without the blog you cannot make money using these methods.

First, here are a couple of things to handle before the money making moves. You may want to make sure your blog is hosted by a highly recommended host. Avoid free hosting that can break your business.

Give your blog a pro look and feel. Don’t pick free themes to dabble with. I know it’s always difficult to cut the right choice. But for travel bloggers who blog on WordPress, you may want to pick one of these WordPress Travel Blog Themes. Otherwise, Thrivethemes if you ask me will give you the best pro themes

Ok so let’s see the different ways to bloggers make money blogging on their blogs. Many bloggers Make a living just by following these money making tips to monetize properly.

-> Advertising

Advertising is really a cool way bloggers make money on their blog. I want us to further break this down so we get a clearer picture;

1 –  Advertise your own products:

Now this is surely more straight forward. If you are an author, your blog will be a great avenue to advertise your own products.

To boost sales, you may want to cut down prices or offer special discount to your blog readers. So you find out you can Make money selling your own products on your blog.

2 – Advertise Affiliate products:

I often say you don’t need to be an author to make money online. Affiliate products are products that pay you a commission per sale.

What happens here is simple. You may want to sign up platforms like ClickBank, Commission Junction, JVZoo, etc and get products that you know can pay pretty good commissions. For the most part, you’ll get banners and other sales tools to use on your blog while you make the money.

While the commission share is attractive, you have to rather focus on the relevance of the product to your target readership.

Many bloggers earn cash and make good money or generate six figure income simply focusing on affiliate marketing.

3 – Google Adsense Ads:

Google Adsense is one of the excellent pay per click ad networks and an important source of income. However, I often advise bloggers not to be in a hurry.

The downside of this advertising model is simply that it takes your visitors away from your blog so quickly. Google does not allow publishers control over how to set the target window of Adsense links.

That means visitors who click the Adsense links will be completely taken away from your blog and that’s not want we want as bloggers.

We want our visitors to hang around our blog for as long as possible to increase time on site and maybe reduce bounce rate. Anything that does not favor this should seriously be given a second thought.

Google has recently come up with the AutoAds feature which in my opinion goes a long way to auto-optimize and displace more targeted creatives and ads to your readers. While popular opinion holds that this feature can increase earnings by up to 10%, I have personally experienced more.

4 – Sell banner space:

Now, this is another winner! Nevertheless, be careful not to make your blog stuffed with banners. You can make a decent monthly income selling different banner spaces on your blog.

The more your blog traffic, the more impressions you get per portion and the more you can charge.  Some blogs charge up to $1000/month per 125×125 ad space.

5 – Sell links on posts: 

This is another exciting way bloggers make money blogging. However. it makes you an enemy to search engines. Google seriously frowns against link sales  so you do this at your own risk.

A quick tip will be to make the link a nofollow so you don’t pass on the juice to the buyer’s url. Doing this will reverse your income opportunity as advertisers who buy links are often more interested in the link juice.

6 – Special events:

Some bloggers with very popular blogs get paid huge sums to announce special events on their blogs. This may go along with special videos aimed at spreading more information about the event.

7 – Publishing paid guest articles:

Guest posting is a common activity in blogging where bloggers develop content for other blogs. While some bloggers scramble to have free articles published on their blogs, others charge for it.

There are platforms today where you can meet advertisers who are ready to pay you to have their articles on your blog. Some folks start a blog and make huge online income with paid guest post.

– > Product reviews

Product reviews is another income channel that brings in quite handsome amounts of earnings. There are two ways bloggers make money blogging and reviewing products:

8 – a) Paid product reviews:

This is quite simple! Product owners pay you a certain amount of money to have you write a review post about their products. In this case, you get paid once and how much money you make depends on your blog traffic.

NB: Due to the fact that Google frowns at paid dofollow links, you have to be careful with this option.

9 – b) Affiliate product reviews:

Bloggers may not want to sit back and wait for vendors to pay them before creating a review post. Another smart step is to review relevant high converting products on their blogs and link to them (these products) on their affiliate links.

Any sale that is made through that review post generates commission. The beauty here is that this will keep generating commissions for as long as the post gets traffic (referral and/or search engine).

B – How bloggers make money blogging off their blogs

Now as a blogger, there are many other ways to make money online. Let’s see some of the things you can do outside your blog and earn some money;

10 – Paid to speak at events:

Most bloggers with authentic success stories are speakers during blogging events. Of course, they get paid to speak on specific topics and share their knowledge with participants. That’s another way big or pro bloggers make money.

11 – Paid to set up blogs:

If you have a little knowledge in setting up a blog, you can always have business. New blogs are published daily so one of the ways to make money as blogger is help beginners set up their blogs for a fee

12 – Paid to guest post on other blogs:

I mentioned above that you can charge a fee for content posted on your blog by other bloggers or SEO firms. In the same manner, you can be paid to post content on other blogs. That’s how it works.

In this post, I show you how I was paid $100 per post I submitted to another blog. There are several of such opportunities where you are paid to submit content

13 – Paid to mentor:

It’s becoming increasingly clear that to succeed online, you need a mentor else you’ll have to learn the hard way. Another most successful bloggers get paid to coach younger bloggers to success.

14 – Contest and Win:

There are many cash prize contests and giveaways online today. All you need is enter, follow instructions and you could just be a winner. For the most part, bloggers make use of their blogging power to earn more points and stand a better chance to win.

15 – Paid to Tweet:

To be a successful blogger, you have to be active on social media. Bloggers with a considerable social media base get paid to tweet to their followers on Twitter. This also goes for Facebook.

Bonus – Make money on the internet

If you are a successful blog with an active community, they are going to always be some unthinking ways to generate income.

1 – Give help to companies and authors

I was recently contacted by an affiliate company to help them recruit affiliates to promote their new products. This earned me up to 50$ per qualified affiliate. This was a profitable deal as the product in question was super targeted to my audience. While promoting the product as an affiliate, I made more money recruiting more affiliates for the author.

2 – Focus on recurring income products

Many successful bloggers make money blogging by promoting affiliate products that pay recurring commissions. In this option, you generate the sale once but earn from month to month.

This is typical of a membership platform where the clients pay periodically to renew their memberships. Each time they are re-billed for account renewal, you earn your commissions.

Smart and savvy bloggers who understand the money making game and want to work less and earn more would focus on promoting this class of products to consistently generate affiliate sales.

3 – Get paid to take surveys

Another quick way for bloggers to earn extra money is to signup to paid survey sites. On these sites, you simply get paid to take surveys while working from home.

Some survey companies are not credible. They advertise paid surveys but at the end, you don’t just make any money taking taking online surveys with them. So do your due diligence and avoid scams

4 – Many other ways to make money on the internet

You can take blogging as a full time job. There are blogging related activities that open up other easy ways to make money. Many bloggers are freelance writer. As there is much freelance work out there, freelance writing is a quick addition to your income streams.

You can easily get jobs on platforms like Odesk, freelancer, Fiverr, Amazon mechanical turk, etc. Most of these paid your earnings straight to your Paypal account.

How to boost your income.

The amount money you make from your blog depends on a number of factors, one of which is targeted traffic. With a proper monetizing  strategy, the more relevant traffic you get, the more money you make. As a result of driving traffic from search engines, you will constantly receive attention from advertisers.

Focus on getting more traffic to your blog from search engine optimization,  social media and blog community sites like BlogEngage, BizSugar and a couple of others.

Now, there is no way to make money fast as a blogger. Like many top money making bloggers like Pat Flynn, John Chow, etc, you need to work hard and give yourself time to build the business up.

Many bloggers take blogging as a part time job but if your blog is your main income stream, then you have treat it more seriously. To make money on the Internet with Internet Marketing and blogging isn’t about free money

Now, I know you are interested in how bloggers make money blogging. That’s why you read this post to this last paragraph. So share your thoughts with me in the comment box below.

Are you a blogger? Do you make money blogging? What are the challenges your are facing in this activity? There are endless ways to make money online. Let me know what you think.

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Paypal Cameroon 2019 ~ Read this first before Creating your account!


I have read many misleading articles about Paypal Cameroon. But I think I have the obligation to to clear things up, plus help you with steps to create and activate your Paypal Account for Cameroon.

Before the end of this post, there is a FAQ section where I answer many questions related to creating and owning a verified Paypal Account being in third-word country. Be sure to read through.

Paypal finally arrived Cameroon, Nigeria and some other African Countries, excluding Ghana. Though this first phase looks like half-baked cake, it is still useful to Cameroonians who want to do online Payments.

Internet users in Cameroon have been wishing for this expected move from Paypal years ago. This expansion therefore seems to be meeting a pressing need.

Though it’s now easy to sign up for paypal from Cameroon, there is still a limit…

Paypal is being very careful as it moves in slow steps. This first phase of coverage will only enable Cameroonians make Payments online – no reception or withdrawal possibility yet.

What this means is you can’t receive payment or transfer funds from your Cameroonian Paypal account to any Bank Account anywhere in the world. So for the moment, money is moving in one direction -> out of Cameroon.

I have helped so many Cameroonians pay and buy stuffs online. So if you are just on the buying end, you are surely covered. The only thing you need is a Debit/Credit card from a local Bank to verify your Paypal Account and fund your buying transactions.

Most recommended prepared card is the UBA Africard. This helps you verify your Paypal account and buy more stuffs online. I’m also currently using my ECOBANK VISA card with smiles. So if you are in Cameroon and happy about the new development, go get UBA Africard, BICCEC VISA, Afriland VISA, ECOBANK VISA,  etc to be complete.

Paypal Cameroon is still limited!

You cannot fund your Cameroonian Paypal account.

While this does not seem to be a big problem, it is a serious limitation. Without any bank account attached to your Cameroonian Paypal account, funding your account is practically impossible. With your debit/credit card linked, Paypal only serves as a middleman. The funds actually don’t get stored in your Paypal account.

When you make a buying transaction, your card is debited and funds sent straight to the seller, with no deposit in your paypal.

Here is what happens…

  • You create a free Paypal Cameroon account.
  • Verify your account with a Debit/credit card from local source.
  • Deposit funds in your card.
  • Then do payments through Paypal.

Paypal will bypass your Paypal account balance, collect funds from your card and do the payment on your behalf.

How to create a paypal account in Cameroon

One of the things Paypal has succeeded to do is simplify the signup process. Some of these merchant platforms make things really hard. But Paypal has completely delt with unnecessary long signup forms and complex verification processes.

Step 1: To create a paypal account in cameroon, first, go to Paypal Cameroon website here and click the Signup button:

how to sign up for paypal

This will bring up the next page where you fill a simple form and submit. The instructions are quite simple to follow. (Note that the page you see might be different from this)

Step 2: Then fill the simple signup form:

Signup to paypal

Select your language (French or English). If you miss this at this point, you will still be able to do some changes from within your account.

Step 3: Click the “Next” button and follow the instructions

From my experience, you don’t need any specific paypal cameroon login page. Just go to same page and you’ll be able to login.

How to verify your Paypal Cameroon account

A verified Paypal account is an account that has no limit on amount transacted within a month.  While to verify a US Paypal account is still a hard task, verifying a Paypal Cameroon account is very simple.

To completely lift the limit on any US account, you need to validate your address  (provide utility bills), ID (provide ID card, Passport, Drivers License) , attache a bank account, link a credit card, submit your social security number, etc. You see this is quite of a job.

paypal cameroonTo verify your Paypal Cameroon account, go to Paypal Cameroon website and create a free account. Next, add your debit/credit card. Follow Paypal instructions to confirm the card. That’s all you need.

Most of my blog readers are from US, India, Nigeria, etc. I know Indians have issues too with Paypal and Payoneer. I wrote about it in this post.

How to attach a credit/debit card to your Cameroon Paypal account

I mentioned above you can get a card from any of your local banks (Not micro-finance institutions). Common cards are VISA and Mastercard. Using a local ATM card issued by some financial institutions may not work.

On your dashboard, click the “Link a Card” button:

link card to Paypal

On the page that follows, carefully enter your card information:

  • Card number
  • Expiration date
  • Security code
  • Card type and
  • Billing address.

Note that an expired card will not be allowed.

Paypal will then attempt connecting and charging your card with a small amount, usually under 1000FCFA.hat means you will need to have some money in your account before successfully attaching it.

If there are no funds in your card or some entered data is incorrect, you will have an error message.

NB: You will need to have access to your card’s transaction history to complete the process. Attaching the card is one thing. Activating it is yet another.

Paypal normally creates an entry on your card’s transaction history table with a unique code. That code will be required to finally activate the card.

If you do not have access to your card’s transaction history table, please contact your card dealer.

Other Merchant option for Cameroon?

The simple truth is that there’s been a lot of tech changes since those early days. Today, Cameroonians have other online payment options than Paypal.

A simple search will reveal quite a number of institutions that provide online business facilities. You may want to quickly take a look at 2checkout or Payoneer as alternatives to Paypal Cameroon.

The good thing is that these merchants still allow your buyers to pay with their paypal accounts while your funds are transferred to your Card or local bank account.

Some Paypal Cameroon commonly asked questions (FAQs)

I get to be asked so many questions by Cameroonians who wish to rely on Paypal for online transactions. The latest I got before editing this post was from a guy who wanted to receive $700 from a client out of the country.

I remember a pastor friend struggling to receive donations from faithfuls allover the world. It’s been a difficult step given that most of his worldwide Christians are heavy Paypal users. Here are some questions:

Q: Can I create a paypal account being in Cameroon?

A: Yes you can create your Cameroonian Paypal account to make payments online

Q: Can I attache my Paypal account to a bank account in Cameroon?

A: No. This isn’t possible at the moment of writing this article

Q: Can I receive money in my Cameroon Paypal Account?

A: At this point I’m writing, this isn’t possible. You can only make payment, which is a serious issue

Q: What are the currencies I can use? Is FCFA available?

A: FCFA or XAF is not a digital currency on the Paypal system. If you are making payments, you have two currencies available: American USD and EURO. But at the receiving end, there is a longer list of currencies available.

Q: How can I fund my account to make payment?

A: Funding your Paypal Cameroon account isn’t required. It’s just a bridge between your debit/credit card and your merchant. No funds are stored in the account.

Q: What happens in the case of a refund. Does Paypal not deposit the funds in my online account?

A: I haven’t had this experience before. But my guess is the system will rout the funds back to its source, usually the credit card funding source.

Q: What about using Paypal and Payoneer Card?

A: You can attache your Payoneer card to your Paypal account (At least it worked the last time I checked) but you won’t be able to withdraw to it.

Q: What about using Paypal and Payqin virtual card

A: Payqin is a virtual card system developed for African. It goes with MTN Mobile Money and Orange Money. You can simply top-up your account using these two carriers, powered by MonetBil. However, my Payqin virtual card was rejected by Paypal.

Q: Are there APIs to integrate Paypal Cameroon in my app?

A: No APIs available at the moment for receiving funds

Q: What about using my Cameroon account with freelance platforms like Fiverr, freelancer, etc

A: You can use your Paypal account in Cameroon to buy services on these platform. You won’t however be able to receive funds

Q: What does Cameroon Paypal account does like?

A: Here below is a screenshot of a typical Cameroonian paypal account at the moment of writing:

cameroon paypal account

From the menu items, you can already perceive what you can do with your account:

  • Summary: Your account dashboard
  • Activity: Just a brief historique of your recent transaction
  • Send Payment: This takes to you the function that allows you to send money
  • Wallet: Simply lets you see your attached bank cards and of course allows you to link more cards
  • Offers: Paypal suggested offers with discounts
  • Help: For help
Q: How to receive money from paypal Cameroon

A: Many Cameroonians have constantly asked me how to withdraw paypal in Cameroon or how to receive paypal payments in cameroon. Of course the simple answer is that it’s not possible for now. Let’s hope paypal does in the few years ahead.

Q: Are there paypal banks in Cameroon ?

A: There are no Paypal banks in Cameroon at the moment. That simply explains why we here can’t withdraw paypal money.


I’d like to hear from you in the comment box. If you are Cameroonian, let me know what you think about Paypal Cameroon. If you are from a different country, tell us your experience.

And for my friends in Nigeria, how are you guys moving with this new development?

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Free Payoneer Prepaid Debit Card for online payments worldwide (2019)


payoneer cameroon

Have you tried out Payoneer Payment Gateway for online payments as a company or solopreneur?

If you are blogger or Internet Marketer not living in areas covered by Paypal, you certainly have gone through some pains receiving money from individual clients, companies or affiliate marketing platforms.

In my personal experience, living in a country where Paypal is not an option, it has always been with tough times and frustration seeing my affiliate earnings in my ClickBank or CJ account and not knowing how to cash out.

I have tried several options like having it paid to a friend’s bank account in Europe before being transferred to me by my friend through Western Union, having the check sent directly to me, etc. As a matter of fact, these are all very costly cash out methods that kept me wondering if it’s worth it doing this online business thing.

However, things have changed with the solution I want to share with you. You can now receive your online earnings or receive money from any Company in the United State of America anywhere in the word, in your local currency.

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Now that’s not all about it!

If you have some online business that recruits affiliates or necessitates mass payments to workers or experts who live in these areas yet to be reached by Paypal, I’m sure you have had some bad experiences in such monetary transactions. I’m fully convinced this solution is a huge relief.

The Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard® Card

Payoneer was founded in 2005 and is based in New York City. It provides an industry-leading global payout platform that simplifies the world of commerce by removing the limitations that typically surround international business.

Free Payoneer Prepaid Debit Card

Receiving funds from 2,000 international companies

As a blogger and Internet Marketer living in Cameroon, Payoneer has brought the most accurate solution to my online business.

Payoneer makes it easy to receive funds from more than 2,000 international companies (including Clickbank, CJ, Paypal, Elance, Freelancer, Amazon, Fiverr, SEOclerks, ShareAsale, etc). These companies have partnered with them in order to offer Payoneer’s payout solution as part of their service.

As a matter of fact, from recent development, I can receive payments from any US company through payoneer’s US Payment Service and this is just for 1% fee. So out of every $1000 received, I pay a ridiculous fee of $10

Receiving Payments from Individuals

If you are freelance writer, graphics designer, coder, blogger, etc, Payoneer makes it possible for you to receive direct payments from your clients who can pay with their Credit or Debit Cards. All you have to do is send to them your Payoneer Email address or MasterCard number.

You get the funds in your account instantly. However, this will have to go through a 72hr manual approval process.

From my experience, the amount of money you can receive from individuals (Private Loads) is initially very limited. However, this limit can be adjusted at Payoneer’s discretion.

Do you do Mass Payment?

The Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard® Card can transform the way you make payouts. Fully supported in more than 200 countries, your payouts will be available for use by the payee within 2 hours! This low cost mass payout allows you to transfer funds within minutes.

Why transferring funds with Payoneer’s Mass Payout Service?

  • The low cost payouts reduce the time and money you spend on transferring funds.
  • It is Quick and easy.
  • Global coverage with support in more than 200 countries, multiple currencies, with no bank account required.
  • Safe and secure

Get the Prepaid Debit MasterCard Card for free

I know one of the questions ringing in your mind this moment is how much does it cost to get the card. It’s absolutely free. All you have to do is click here to apply and get $25 signup bonus.

>> Apply Now for the free payoneer prepaid debit card and get $25

Payoneer Cameroon

Like Paypal Cameroon, some of my friends have asked if there is anything like Payoneer Cameroon. As a matter of fact, I don’t k now if the company has regional offices in Africa. Well, Paypal offices aren’t not in Cameroon too. I think you should just go to Payoneer website and create a free account.

Given that Cameroon is covered, I believe it gives us a great experience

Let me hear from you …

Do you have the free payoneer prepaid debit card? Do you do mass payout? Are you in one of these countries not covered by PayPal? Let me hear your thoughts in the comment box.

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