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Website traffic by Country – 5 tips to get traffic from specific countries!



One of the questions I get from my readers recently is how to get free website traffic from specificwebsite traffic by country geographical regions or countries.

This question came up because in this post, I made it clear that some advertisers are very much interested in geographical source of our traffic before making up their minds to buy space on our blogs.

So I said to myself instead of giving individual answers to mails and comments, creating this post will be a better idea to respond to the queries once and for all.

An Indian blogger who is physically located somewhere in his country can effectively create a blog that gets more of its traffic from US or Canada or any region other than where he is.

Now, how important is this? you may ask…

People have businesses that target specific markets in specific regions. Local businesses like restaurant, supermarkets, hotels, etc may want more exposure in their geo areas of coverage.

Hotels in Galveston Island or Alvarado in Texas may not be interested in travelers to some other cities or states, for instance.

People in different geographical locations generally have different purchasing power and facilities. Africa for instance is generally known for it lack of online payment facilities and low purchasing power. This also is true for most Indian and Asian bloggers.

USA, Canada and most European countries on the other hand have more developed societies with facilities that encourage online spending.

In order to make more sales and profits, most businesses may want to get their products exposed to markets in areas with bright business representation.

Geo-targeting is a very crucial factor in online business. Let me be very blunt here;

I’m from Cameroon, in Africa. I have a lot of blogging friends and readers in Nigeria. Nigeria’s online facilities are far more developed. That explains why more Nigerians buy online than Cameroonians

But globally, these 2 countries are barely scratching the surface.  The bitter truth is, if most of your traffic is coming from Nigeria or Cameroon, you are going to be very unsuccessful attracting advertisers to your blog.

While blogging from Douala in Cameroon, I have more of my traffic coming from USA, UK, Canada, India.  How do I get more readers from these areas?

free website traffic

How to get free website traffic by country

There are several ways to pull free traffic from any area you choose to target but let’s look at 4 of these;

1 – Provide content for readers in that country

This is the best way (in my opinion) to attract readers from a certain region. You have to create the kind of content that will attract them. The more local content you publish, the more local readers you get.

Think of business like car repair shops in columbus ohio. That’s a typical keyword that can bring huge local traffic from columbus ohio. Now if you are an automobile blogger, it will be very easy to create a blog that pulls traffic from a certain city. That means you can have huge business with car repair shops, car rentals, car sales, etc in that area.

You may want to create a blog dedicated to restaurants in Atlanta, for instance. That alone is a hot keyword that can pull huge targeted local traffic.

What will I be writing about?

Simple! Visit the restaurants, conduct interviews, write about their menus, environment, facilities, etc and before you know it, you’ll be having a huge and hot database of restaurants in that area. Ain’t you seeing big business in this?

2 – Be active on blogs that get traffic from that area

If you want more of your traffic to come from the US, for instance, apart from providing content that attracts US readers, be active on other blogs that have US readers. The more you drop reasonable comments on these blogs, the more you expose yourself to the readers in this area.  This of course will help you get more traffic from them.

3 – Interact with more bloggers in the targeted area

This is simply logical. If you want traffic from UK, create relationships with more UK bloggers. Feature them on your blog, run interviews, share their posts, join UK based bloggers communities, publish on UK blogs, etc

4 – Create geo-targeted Twitter accounts

You can create Twitter accounts that only get followers from specific countries. This may be a time eater but gradually and with time, it’s possible to have an account where 90% of your followers come from a specific region. That means each time your post is shared to that account, you are sure to have traffic tied to that area.

There are lots of Twitter apps out there to help you create accounts with supper geo-targeted followers. I do not have any to recommend at the moment. If you have any suggestion, please drop the name in the comment box.

These are some of the ways you can generate free traffic from specific geographical locations.

What about paid traffic?

Well, this is about the easiest way to gain traffic to your blog or e-commerce store from highly targeted locations. Most PPC (social or search), PPV, etc have the facilities to help you target countries and cities. This will enable you create campaigns that will only expose your products to dwellers of specific regions.

Now, for bloggers in niches that target a broader audience  and may not require any form of geo targeting, I think there is still need to be interested in traffic from certain areas. In Internet Marketing and make money online niche for instance, if you want to attract advertisers or Adsense ads with high CPC, you’ll need to show interest in traffic from the United States, Canada, etc. That’s just how it is!

Let me hear from you…

Do you think you need free targeted website traffic to your website or blog? What are the methods you have in place to get more traffic from desired locations?

If you are an advertiser, do you think it’s important to buy space on any popular blog without paying attention to geographical traffic sources?

Does this post help you to attract free website traffic by country?

Let me know what you think in the comment box below

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How to get good keywords from GWT, now Google Search Console (GSC)


best free online keyword tool


Treated: How to get good keywords from gwt!

Recently, I noticed an incredible improvement in my search ranking as a result of studying GWT (now Google Search Console), discovering new good keywords and tweaking my articles for better results.

Keyword research is the most important and crucial step in any successful online campaign. While some users have opted to ignore Google natural traffic, I think it’s still important to know what’s in searchers’ mind each time they use Google.

Knowing how to do keyword research and often doing it before creating blog post determines how you will succeed in pulling search traffic to your blog. While we are advised to just flow in writing for human readers not search bot, we cannot completely neglect search spiders.

The recent updates in the search engine industry even makes it more interesting and simple. Search bots are no longer interested in keyword occurrences in your article.

They are looking and indexing semantic relevance. Searchers too have grown from typing single words in search boxes to asking questions and keying in conversational phrases. Look at this example;

From simple “free keyword tool” to a more conversational “what is the best free online keyword tool”

How to get good keywords from GWT -The best free online keyword tool?

I think Google Webmaster tools (Google Search Console) is the best and most recommended free online keyword research tool from an almost neglected perspective.

Generally, online marketers and bloggers often go looking for which keywords are pulling traffic to other websites, which keyword is ranking other websites on page #1, which keywords is not competitive, etc.  We concentrate on keywords that are working for others (and start competing with them) rather than looking for keywords that are already working for us and improve on them.

That’s the almost neglected perspective I underlined above – looking for keywords that are already working for us and tweaking for more results!

Google Webmaster Tools helps you in this;  Shows you keywords that are already pulling traffic to your blog so you can focus on them for a better search ranking and more natural traffic.

There are lots of things within your Google Webmaster Tools but I want to focus on 3 in this post;

  1. Which keywords are most searched that bring you more impressions with little traffic
  2. Which keywords are already pulling traffic to my blog
  3. Which blog posts are receiving traffic from these keywords

Knowing these points will help us do more keyword research and optimize our articles for more search traffic.

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How to get good keywords from gwt – Impressions and low clicks

Impressions are simply the number of times your entries show up on search engine result page. From your GWT, you find out that some keywords generate more impressions and low clicks. What’s the possible explanation?

Look at my example below. The keyword “Make Money blogging” generates over 1000k impressions and 1 clicks to 1 url during the last 30 days.

how to get good keywords from gwt

There is a simple reason for the low clicks – My entries don’t show up on Google page #1. According to this report, the average position on Google search result where my entry is found is 53, that’s from page #5.

With this information, I may want to do some more tweaking on this article – analyze competitor strength, add more materials to the article, more LSI keywords, build more backlinks and social signals, make the title and description more attractive, etc

Take a look at this screen…

How to get good keywords from GWT

The keyword atomic email hunter gets 282 impressions. That puts me on position 20+ with 1 click.

Now, I think these keywords are easy to rank on Google. Sometimes we run after popular keywords that are quite hard to rank for.

We can do better tweaking and trying to rank for these little known phrases. They are they low hanging fruits. You can easily do some optimization and shoot yourself to page 1.

From the example above, I can easily optimize the blog post that gets ranked for the keyword atomic email hunter and move up to page 1.

These are absolutely good keywords because I’m already getting some exposure from them. For the most part, the articles ranked were not originally optimized for these keywords. GWT is just being awesome by helping us discover what’s working for us.

Bottom line …

It’s possible to use Google Webmaster Tools as a free keyword tool to improve your search engine rankings.  How do you use this tool exactly?

  • Get the keywords that generates the highest number of impressions with low clicks
  • Get the pages with these high impressions and low clicks
  • Tweak these pages to improve ranking and attract more clicks.

Follow these steps;

Logon to your GSC account and click Search Results on the left menu. On the page that follows, click the “Impressions” tab to show by descending order – from the highest to the lowest.

To see the pages that show up on search result pages for each keyword, click the keyword in question.

That’s it!

Let’s engage! Now you know how to get good keywords from gwt so Speak your mind in the comment box below. What do you think about GSC being an important free keyword tool? Help share this article on social media for more exposure.

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3 ways to drive free website traffic from USA and why you should do it!


These 3 strategies will help you drive more of your website traffic from USA. Period.

If you have a business online, you should work hard towards driving more of your traffic from the United States of America except you have a particular interest in a different geo location.

The reason is simple…

It’s a large market with the required purchasing power and online payment facilities.

I know most European countries and Canada do have similar facilities. India of course is an emerging market. Africa has a lot of work ahead due to poor governance.

I have been online for over a decade and I can definitely tell from experience that the more readers I get from USA, the more income I make.

But it’s generally not easy to drive targeted traffic from some geo-locations. I have consulted stats of many websites. Over 80% of these sites gets the most of their readers from India.

But without stepping on the toes of my awesome Indian friends and customers, the online spending power in India is weaker than that of USA, Europe and Canada. At the same time, Indians are stronger than most African countries, including where I am from.

But how do you drive free targeted website traffic from USA?

It’s easy with paid traffic right?

You can do Google Adword or Facebook Ads and target readers from specific states in the United states.

But how do you drive free traffic from this rich and ready market?

Here are three things that will get results:

1 – Join Pinterest to pull traffic from USA

Recommended: Are Pinterest Followers still important today?

Pinterest is massively considered as a social network. But I think it’s gradually becoming the second Google.

Being a keyword-driven traffic platform, Pinterest will soon be a big search engine, making it another source of natural traffic. As the Algorithm has been redesigned given more preference to keyword optimization, the importance of group board is being shifted to SEO.

Don’t get me wrong…

I still look for more targeted group boards as they still drive exposure and traffic. But in the near feature, Pinterest should be more focused on keyword content search.

There are 04 reasons I recommend joining Pinterest:

1 – Pinterest gets most of its traffic from USA” orientation

traffic from usa

traffic from usa

From this Alexa stats, Pinterest is one of the most visited sites in the United states. Logically, if you are very active on the platform, it gives you more exposure in that area where it’s popular.

It’s one of the rare sites on Alexa with India coming far below the United States as source of traffic. But it’s still ranked 71 in India.

To further confirm this, I checked the traffic stats of some Pinterest accounts and most of these accounts get more viewers from the United States:

pinterest in usa

pinterest in usa

This is normal for a website that gets almost 50% of its traffic from the United states.

2 – Pinners are ready to spend

The second reason I recommend you join Pinterest is the fact that Pinners are ready to spend. With over 250m people using it every month, 40% of of these pinners have a household income of $100k+ and that’s a lot of buying power.

pinterest for business

pinterest for business

3 – Pinterest is not the lady’s thing

We are commonly told that Pinterest is the platform for women. I was given that belief too but we are wrong. The reason is that 50% of new signups are men according to these stats on the official website.

drive traffic from the united states

drive traffic from the united states

So men are going to overtake the women and if you are a man, you better hurry and take your seat so you don’t start running behind a fast-moving train.

4 – Pinterest grows more rapidly and may overtake other platforms

Pinterest is becoming more and  more popular with users spending more time on it than on other platforms.

pinteres growth

pinteres growth

40% growth is a huge speed. In the next few years, Pinterest may be ranking ahead of other popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Start using Pinterest today

Starting on Pinterest could be overwhelming and daunting. But the USA traffic you stand to get from this platform  is worth going through the learning curve.

At the moment of writing, I just started using it with a bit more of some seriousness. When I got in, I was like in the middle of a thick tropical forest of different tree species.

I thought Pinterest was some rocket science. But when I bought the Pinteresting Strategies course, I found out I was completely wrong. All I needed was a serious, simple, step-by-step guide from a very successful Pinner.

If you are a beginner who wants to see traffic and income growth (Or you just want a fresh strategy to take your traffic up, you definitely should purchase this course.

What’s even more interesting is the fact that the author shares her manual pinning strategy.  This is unlike many other courses that heavily depend on some paid tools that will require more spending in product license.

Few days ago before I purchase the course, my stats were quite lamenting:

pinteresting course before

pinteresting course before

An in less than 7 days of beginning to apply the strategies in the course, the growth, I can say is simply tremendous.

This may be very weak on the same scale with your stats. But hey! The truth is I’m doing something the right way thanks to the course Pinteresting Strategies.

Pinteresting Strategy Evergreen Discount code

I got to the author of the training program for a discount code for you and I’m excited I was able to grab one.

So use this ever-green promo code to save 5%: pinning5

How did I know about the Pinteresting Strategies course

I have always not be willing to have Pinterest on my plate. But my meeting with Tanye Melvis was a great boost. The final kick however came from Jennifer Dagi, who spoke to me about the course and the results she was getting from following the strategy.

The result is what we want right? So I asked her for her stats to prove her results and this is what  sent sent:

pinteresting strategies results

pinteresting strategies results

You see the effect of implementing the the strategies in the course with Pinterest being on the top of the list of her traffic referrers.

It’s 8:19 am by the time this screen was shot. That means she’s on about 1500 views per day from Pinterest alone and that’s remarkable right?

If there is a course that trains and gives me the strategies to get this kind of results, I will certainly go for it.

Pinteresting Strategies Course Grab the course here to explode your Pinterest traffic

2 – Provide content for readers of the United States

Americans online have things they want. For the most part, these things are different from what folks from other areas want.

If you create content that solves the needs of Americans, you will find them coming to your website for your solutions.

Optimize your content with USA geo targeting keywords. We know localized search is gaining more and more grounds especially in the recent development of Google.

For instance…

If you are an SEO blogger, do your research and create content targeting SEO services in Texas keyword or something closer.

Use Google trends to know what’s trending in USA and write about it.

drive traffic from usa

drive traffic from usa

The more content you provide for readers from this area, the more you are going to get them on your website.

3 – Connect with bloggers from the United states

Bloggers are people who drive a lot of traffic and successful blogging is about connecting with people. Creating the right connections could mean a lot and that’s what I encourage you do.

There are simple things you can do to connect with different bloggers more seriously:

  • Follow and engage with them on social media.
  • Signup to their newsletters and reply to their messages.
  • Constantly drop personalized comments on their blogs.
  • Allow them guest-post on your blog.
  • Submit articles on their blogs.
  • Feature them on your blog.
  • Promote them/their products for free.
  • Link to their articles from yours and shout out to them.
  • Help resolve their problems directly.
  • Etc

As you connect with content creators from USA, chances are that they are going to reciprocate. That means more traffic from their country.


Now you know basically what to do to start driving website traffic from the United States and why you should do it. Let me summarize the tips:

  1. Join Pinterest (Get this course to help you)
  2. Provide content for readers from USA
  3. Connect with bloggers from USA

Let me know what you think in the comment box below. If you like the content, kindly save to Pinterest. I will really appreciate.

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3 ways to Filter out Internal Traffic from Google Analytics (and Why You Should)


Google Analytics is one boon of a tool for us internet marketers.

It helps us:

And it helps us keep track of what truly matters for every online business:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • ROI (return on investment)
  • ROT (Return on Time)

With so much reliance on it, it is crucial that the data it gives is correct! (You agree?)

And it is. I really can’t complain as it takes note of everyone down to the last visitor. And I mean everyone, including yours truly internet marketer/SEO- Nikola Roza.

I didn’t want that, so I excluded myself from the ever-watching eye of Google Analytics.

“Good for you, but that doesn’t help me one iota”?

But this article will:-)

Let’s go!

What’s an IP Address? And Why Should You Care?

Your IP (internet protocol) address is the Id of your computer.

It’s a unique public address pointing to the router (the box) connecting you to the internet.

As such, it follows you wherever you go and leaves a trail of breadcrumbs (data) for us marketers to track.

Data that help marketers grow in profit by understanding better:

  • Who?
  • When?
  • Why?
  • What?
  • How long?

For example, you’re on Enstine’s site now, and his analytics is showering him with all kind of useful data:

  • Is this your first time here?
  • What page you’re on?
  • How long is your dwell time?
  • Where’re you from (country, area, and language)?
  • Did you click-through; or bounce?

And this just scratches the surface. There’s so much more to look at in the analytics report.

I imagine this sounds creepy to you but it’s the way internet works.

And it has been like that from the beginning.

So, tracking folks is nothing new, except that now the tools we use are much more sophisticated.

The good news that in the analytics data you’re a visitor number X and not a visitor “input your name please” 😉

Two Types of IP Addresses exist

  • IP4- looks like this 32bit in size
  • IP6- looks like this 2521:292:c121:8a5::348e- 128bit in size

IP4’s are the standard common and 95% of all internet users have this type. IP6 is a new technology, the new schema developed to support the growing number of users.

Human population is increasing steadily, but the number of desktop computers laptops, and smartphones is increasing rapidly- and each device has its own and unique IP address.

That’s a lot of new users, a lot of new data.  And that is why the future belongs to the IP6’s.

With the Pleasantries Out of the Way- Now Onto the Process Itself (Filtering ip adresses)

First, you need to know your IP address.

The easiest way to check it is to type in Google”what’s my ip”. It will show you something like this:

how to check your ip address

Note– Depending on where you live you might see your numbers in a different layout. Sometimes instead of 12 digits, you can have 10. That’s normal- roll with it.

Also, you might have IP6, which it is a completely different layout of numbers, but the process stays the same.

Here are the steps:

  • Log into your Google Analytics
  • In the main dashboard choose “Admin”.
  • On the right-hand side, there is a “View” column- Find the “Filter” tab.
  • Click “Add Filter”.

  • Name it. Mine boasts the name “Home IP”
  • Chose “Predefined Filter Type”.
  • In the three boxes below set to: “Exclude”, “Traffic From the IP Adress”, “That is Equal to”
  • Paste your IP address
  • Save

That is all folks, phew!- Now go treat yourself to something nice 😀

filter settings

How to Check if it Worked?

Return to the main analytics dashboard and go to the “reporting” tab. From there click “real-time” and “overview”.

Now visit Google and click on your site. If a new user pops up in your analytics, then it didn’t work and you have to repeat the steps from the above.

real time overview

But first- try again.

It’s a bit far fetched but it could be that at that EXACT moment someone else landed on your site.


If it worked then you wouldn’t be counted at all, but that other visitor would. And you can’t tell the exact person who visited so there’s no “oh it’s Bob from England, my regular visitor”.

If the visitor count didn’t increase, then it went just fine.

From now on the numbers REALLY won’t lie. 😉

This Method is Easy and it Works. But it isn’t Perfect

IP addresses can be static and dynamic.


By filtering traffic from the static address you can solve the problem permanently (they’re static so they never change).


They often change on their own and filtering them is not so straightforward. That is because with every switch there’s a new set of numbers and your filter no longer catches anything.

My recommendation is to set a reminder one month from now to check if the numbers are the same. That way you can be proactive about it and still get accurate data from Google analytics.

Who has which IP address?

  • Dynamic- Most households and small businesses (most folks really)
  • Static- Large business

Keep in mind that this filter will not work retroactively. Your past reports will still be skewed and you’ll have to wait for fresh data to make comparisons.

Finally, analytics will only filter your home’s IP address. That means if you visit your site from another computer (in a different location ) you’ll still be recorded as a unique visitor.

Bonus- two more ways to filter your ip address from Google

Originally, this was where the article ended. All that’s left is to conclude…

However as I was reading the draft I felt that it’s incomplete and that I shoudd add at leas one more way to filter internal traffic…

So here are two more!


#2. How to exclude internal traffic with Google Analytics WP Plugin

filter internal traffic with a plugin

For this to work you need to have installed the Google Analytics WP plugin.

Then in your WordPress dashboard, find the Google Analytics tab and click on “tracking:

There just select “administrator” and save your changes.

exclude administrator

That’s it! You’ll be left out of the report from now on.

This method is extremely simple and fast, but the downside is that you need to be using this plugin.

Nothing wrong with that but I know many folks use a different analytics plugin, or nothing at all.

The choice is yours!

#3. Filter internal traffic with Google Analytics Opt-out add on

This is an add-on you can add to Chrome and other browsers that’ll prevent you being recorded anywhere on the web (by GA).

Google analytics chrome add on

This is a drastic approach because you’d be filtering yourself from the web, It won’t hurt you at all, but other bloggers won’t see you in their analytics report.

And this is bad… why?

All newbie bloggers enjoy to see someone visit their site and consume their content. As a former beginner blogger, I attest to that.

So it’s a pretty selfish thing to hide yourself from them.

Use it as a last resort.

Conclusion- Should you exclude your IP from Google Analytics?

Yes– if you’re a small business owner and not getting huge traffic.

It can help you determine whether you’re getting any real visitors, what is working and what is not. Then you can refine your SEO campaigns, do AB testing and a whole bunch of other useful stuff too.

No– if you are getting 500+ unique visitors per day. Then you needn’t bother as there won’t be any significant difference to draw conclusions from.

Finally, Make this an obsolete knowledge for you. Make it so you don’t need to filter yourself out of Google Analytics. Because you’re getting so much visitors that you as a traffic source blend in.

Create an online business based on affiliate marketing!

Thank you for reading.

If you have any questions leave them in the comment area. I always respond the very next day.

You are awesome,

and I, Nikola Roza,

am signing out.

Please Save/Pin on Pinterest:

3 ways to Filter out Internal Traffic from Google Analytics

3 ways to Filter out Internal Traffic from Google Analytics

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5 Tips To Drive Massive Pinterest Traffic – Pinterest is designed for traffic!



There is no doubt Pinterest is a huge source of rich traffic.

If you’ve been active on the platform, you’d agree with me that it’s not just any kind of traffic. Pinterest traffic is the buying type.

I sincerely think you are making an expensive mistake if you are leaving this platform out of your marketing strategy.

Pinterest drives more traffic than Facebook and Twitter, which are more of social media designed to keep users within the platforms.

Recommended related posts:

There is actually less of social happening on Pinterest. Power Pinners (those I consider Pinterest influencers) I have come across don’t even have the comments or likes one would expect on social media platforms. They get repins and clicks. These are traffic elements everyone else on the platform is looking for.

Pinterest is meant to get clicks not social engagement

Some of my Pins that got some attention from pinners didn’t even get comments.

pinterest traffic tips

pinterest traffic tips

Do you want to drive massive pinterest traffic? These are 5 tips to drive traffic from pinterest to your blog posts. #pinteresttraffic #drivetraffic #blogtraffic

These stats may not inspire you though but here are a couple of interesting things to note:

For the past 30 days, this Pin got 13k impressions, 197 clicks and 67 saves (like shares on Facebook and retweets on Twitter).

But how many comment did it get? Figure that out yourself.

More than half of Pinterest users are looking for items to buy, guides, places to visit or looking for someone to help them out. They ain’t looking for folks to connect and engage with.

pinterest traffic

pinterest traffic

People follow on Pinterest not for you to tell them where you are, what you are doing or for you to share pictures of your new baby. They want you to tell them where on the Internet to find what. That explains why the URL field is an important element of a Pin.

But how do you drive massive pinterest traffic

I didn’t want to trick you by using the word “massive”.

I have been active on the platform for over a month and a half right this moment I’m doing this article. Though my traffic is growing (averaging 60 clicks daily), I have seen pinners celebrate attractive traffic stats.

So you too can get that “massive” traffic if you play by the rules of the platform. Here are my suggestions (mainly from what I’m doing) how to use Pinterest for what it’s meant – traffic.

1 – Get a free business account

The first thing is to signup to the platform by creating a business account. This is because a business account allows you to position your website for traffic.

create a pinterest business account

create a pinterest business account

If you have a personal account already, be sure to upgrade to a business account.

With the business account, you will be able to:

  • Link and confirm your website to enable rich pins (This actually allows Pinterest to fetch some materials from your blog each time a pin is saved from it).
  • Have access to Pinterest’s Built-In Analytics Dashboard
  • Get access to new features before a personal account

2 – Invest in a pinterest course

I know there is so much free Pinterest Traffic materials out there. But trust me this comes with a cost.

If you want faster growth and more results, avoid making silly errors by being led by people who are already seeing results.

The #1 reason must of us struggle online is the fact that we want to rely on free materials. Successful people know they need the services of another expert to learn a new thing. That’s why they spend money on coaching programs, training materials, etc.

Pinterest has a method in place and some experts have tested the platform, seen results and come up with training programs to help starters go straight to the point and harvest success.

Pinteresting Course

When I started in December of 2018, I bought this course. As a matter of fact, this is one of the most talked about Pinterest trainings we have in the market today.

The author shares her personal manual pinning strategies for you to follow and see the kind of results she has.

Pinterest traffic

Pinterest traffic

With 3.3m monthly viewers on Pinterest and over 300k monthly blog pageviews, there is reason to give Pinteresting Course a try. I think Mommy on Purpose (as Carly calls herself) is worth listening to when it comes to driving traffic from Pinterest.

Pin to profit – foundation

Another course I’m going to vividly recommend is McKinzie’s Pin to Profits training. She’s one of the mom bloggers to follow if you want to learn blogging and make money with it.

This is just one of McKinzie’s five courses. If your problem is just Pinterest, you may want to go in for this. But if you want more training on blogging, Pinterest traffic, Tailwind, you may want to consider buying all her courses at once. Click here for more on this.

3 – Be an active Pinner

If you want massive traffic from Pinterest, you must use the platform actively. I see some folks who pin passively and expect traffic.

You may get some drops of visitors but being more active on the platform grows your exposure and traffic.

There are generally two ways to be an active Pinner:

  1. Pin manually. This course will help you with a strategy
  2. Use a scheduler. Tailwind is the most recommended

I have been pinning manually but I look forward to using Tailwind scheduling tool. That’s because  of a couple of factors:

  • Tailwind is the official scheduling Pinterest app
  • Tailwind has more features that can help grow your traffic
  • The scheduling feature allows you to pin at the most appropriate time your followers are likely to be online.

Tailwind is one magic of an app for Pinterest. I will be doing an in-depth review of this app with time. I have tested my free trial period and my conclusion is that it’s worth the invest.

4 – Add CTAs in your pin Text overlay and Descriptions

One of the things I’m beginning to do that shows positive impact is adding Calls To Action on my Pin images and Description.

Now, looking at the Pin I mentioned above, if I added some captivating CTAs, I’m sure they would be more clicks.

People often get attracted to the Pin by the Title and Graphics. But an appropriate description and enticing CTA will attract more clicks that just writing like telling a story

5 – Give it time

Time is an important factor in driving consistent free traffic from Pinterest. That’s because Pinterest algorithm needs time to understand your Pins before gradually placing it for exposure.

Some of the pins I see on my feed today are evergreen content posted 2 or 3 years ago. As people save and click your pins, Pinterest will begin seeing them as relevant and will start showing them necessarily.

The more time you spend pinning consistently, the more you have the pins that work together to bring you traffic.

Most of the top pinners that get millions of viewers have thousands of pins and followers. These are not things you get within few months.

Why I have only 5 tips

As a matter of fact, I can write a long list of things you need to do to drive massive traffic from Pinterest. But the truth is that if you enroll in one of their courses I recommend, you are going to get more than any list you can read on the Internet.

You are going to learn more stuffs on:

  • Pinterest SEO (See the difference between Pinterest and Google SEO)
  • Designing attractive and viral pins
  • Joining group boards
  • Creating your own groups
  • Attracting more followers
  • Joining tribes on Tailwind
  • When it is most appropriate to pin
  • How to monetize Pinterest traffic
  • Etc

Save on Pinterest for later:

These are 5 tips to drive massive Pinterest traffic. Pinterest Tips for Pinterest traffic. Pinterest Marketing

These are 5 tips to drive massive Pinterest traffic. Pinterest Tips for Pinterest traffic. Pinterest Marketing

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