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How to run own VPS with a Dedicated Server

I will show how to make 4 VPS from one cheap dedicated server which can cost only $26 monthly $26/4= $6.50 USD each VPS with this specs:

1 Physical CPU core, ~2GB RAM Unlimited bandwidth 100mbit flat connection not shared!

A brief introductionMaking own VPS from a Dedicated server it’s much better than renting VPS By the fact that renting a vps:​

1.- You use shared virtual CPU, (Slow VPS)
2.- If you use bot like jingling they can bring your vps down because of CPU abuse
3.- Its expensive to rent 1 windows VPS with nice specs

Let’s start the TUTORIAL
Well first thing you need is a pair of hands that do not grow from your ass and a little bit of brain.

1. Dedicated server

1.1 Where to get one?
Well you can check and search on or use this magic link Price and Specs
You need to look for a dedicated server for not more than $30With this specs:
i3-530 4×2.93GHz (or similar with 4 cores)
5 IP Address Included (Very important, if you only get 1IP, this tutorial will not work because you need 5 IP – 1 system and the other 4 for VPS)

1.3 Selecting OS
Almost all dedicated server providers offer Proxmox 3.2VE as OS installation, if not you may ask them via support ticked if they can provide the installation. Or install Debian 6 64bit and install it manually with a lot of tutorials on google :).

2. Dedicated server with Proxmox 3.2 VE ready.

2.1 Basic information
Once your server information is delivered you can access Proxmox from your internet browser

Here is an example info:

1) This is the main ip, is not to be used for VPS, this IP can access Proxmox web interface, Which is : as example obviously you must replace that ip and only leave the port as 8006.
2) Well this is ip range you will use only this 4 ips

2.2 Well let’s start with downloading the windows 2008
First download putty from here
Then login your dedicated server
Login as root then enter your password
Then write this command.

press enter and you will be redirected in to images folder

Well now you need the windows 2008 iso link you can get it here [i hope the link works D:]

The Windows Server Repository here you can find any windows iso + direct ftp link.

After that go to the putty command line and write

Then just press enter and the download will start directly in that folder.
Once the download finishes you can continue to the part 3 :D.

3.VM Setup

3.1 Login & VM Setup D:
Go to this link replace the xxx with your IP
Enter as root and write your respective password
After you can see your node info and other information.
But we will start creating the Windows VPS right now.

So first click Create VM on the top right corner​


Write the VPS name​


Check windows 2008r2​


Select the ISO​


Configure Disk Space​


CPU allocation​


RAM allocation​




Confirm And FinishWell once finished the server will appear on the left sidebar select it​


Confirm all Java popups and allow the connection so we can continue on windows install and config.

4.Windows install.

Okay once you open the VNC the windows install should start so let’s follow this install.[​IMG]
Press install again…[​IMG]

Check and next


Select the disk and then press next

After next just wait for the installation

5.Windows config

5.1 Once the windows is installed and you already created the password lets config the internet connection and we are doneFirst close all starter windows we need to configure first the internet connection so you can login via RDP
On bottom right corner of taskbar right click on internet connection and open network and sharing center[​IMG]

Next click on Local Area Connection

Click first on properties then select Internet Protocol Version 4 then click properties again.


Here we config our internet connection as the system cant detect it by itself


Well going back to example info you can see that your range ip is as example 146-150 the one that ends on 146 its already used by Debian and Proxmox 3.2 so you need to put the next ip 147 so in ip address you put

Subnet Mask and default gateway both of them are provided in the mail with all the information those ips works for all servers.

Also DNS always are the same for all VPS.


Then you press OK and done you have internet connection, now you can enable RDP and validate Windows for 180 days.

On the arrow number 2 was an windows validation link just press it and don’t write any serial just press ok and it will validate.

Now press on configure remote desktop(arrow number 3 srsly?)

Check the allow connection and then press ok

Now you can login with RDP and make all other basic configs and start downloading your bots!




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