Neobux strategy

I’m so enthusiastic about this submit. Right here is the last word information how can we make lot of cash. A technique which can work for everyone. Whether or not he could also be an ordinary member or a golden member. You can begin from zero and find yourself with one thousand of dollars.

I’m speaking concerning the neobux PTC website and the ideas which you’ll be able to generate lot of money with out doing something. Some individuals say we cannot earn from ptc website however with right technique it isn’t onerous to make an excellent sum of money .

Solely factor, it’s essential to spend a while with it, to generate a pleasant revenue. I consider neobux is likely one of the greatest ptc website which began in 2008. Now it has tens of millions of members worldwide.

As we all know neobux is a ptc website which pays you by clicking the advertisements. However nobody can get wealthy quickly by clicking the advertisements as a result of on a regular basis should you click on 10 advertisements your incomes may be $zero.010. That is what you’ll be able to anticipate from neobux as an ordinary member. However there’s a technique which actually work for neobux to multiply your incomes.
So, have some endurance. Don’t worry initially how a lot your incomes can be. Simply come to know how one can convert your small cents into dollars.

Now prepare for neobux technique. As everyone knows that ptc website is a recreation of referrals. In the event you don’t have referrals, then it is rather arduous to generate profits from it.

There are three sorts of referrals


  • 1- direct referrals
  • 2- bought referrals
  • three-rented referrals

Rented referrals are these referrals for which you must lease them with sure sum of money for a restricted time.

So, right here I’m speaking about neobux rented referrals. Neobux ptc website has a rented referral program. meaning you possibly can lease neobux unrefereed lively members for a restricted time once more you possibly can prolong them with  renewal course of.

Neobux technique work with its rented referrals.

so, lets begin earlier than that give a glance under relating to how a lot you’ll be able to earn out of your referral’s click on

See under  the quantity you earn per click on and every of your direct referral’s click on, your rented referral’s click on relying on the kind of membership you’ve and sort of the uncovered commercial.

Clearly rented referral’s click on will earn you extra money.  For rented referral’s it’s a must to pay the sure sum of money for restricted time period. Once more you need to renew them earlier than the interval expires.

Rented referrals are the lively members. If a few of the rented referrals turned inactive for four or 5 days then there’s an choice to recycle them to get lively members. For every rented referral value you $zero.20. Don’t worry you would not have to spend it out of your pocket. You simply learn the technique and it is possible for you to to know.



Discover out your server  time to click on the four orange advertisements in neobux on a regular basis. server time is necessary as a result of in response to the neobux phrases of service three.7 in the event you didn’t click on the advertisements in server time you’ll not be credited your referral’s incomes.

Meaning you’ll not get your referral’s fee for those who didn’t click on your advertisements in server time. At this time your referral’s fee is dependent upon your yesterday click on on the orange fastened ads at server time.

Aside from clicking four orange advertisements, you possibly can click on different obtainable advertisements, as a result of for those who click on one advert, you’ll earn $zero.001 to $zero.01, and one neopoint with three adprizes. Typically adprizes will make it easier to to win money, neopoint or a golden membership.

Additionally you possibly can attempt to full the presents  to earn money, neopoints and neocoins. Neopoints will assist you to handle your rented referrals and neocoins can be transformed into money. one thousand neocoins means 1 greenback.

The best way to know server time of neobux?

Right here you will get simply. see under

After log in to the neobux simply click on the view ads, then one can find a picture above. Right here in left aspect, you’ll get  your advert reset time and right aspect the present server time.

In advert reset time,  ads will probably be added to your account.

however it’s a must to verify your present server time. Proper now it’s eight.sixteen. It’ll proceed upto 24 hours.

After 24.00 it can once more begin from zero.00, so the time it begins from zero.00, then your sever time begins. so you possibly can click on the advertisements after zero.00 . Higher you’ll be able to watch someday when your server time attain zero.00 then at the moment see what’s your native time.  Keep in mind it and on a regular basis you possibly can click on at the moment.

One other strategy to know your server time. Simply click on your consumer identify in neobux then you can see a graph like under

See the graph above. You’ll get this graph after clicking your consumer identify. See the 2 graphs right here one is inexperienced which is native time and one other is purple graph which is server time. When the purple graph factors to zero that can be your server time.

The second your server time will begins from zero.00, then the pink graph will level to zero line. so that’s the time you can begin clicking the advertisements in an effort to earn all of your referral’s fee.  Keep in mind one factor, orange fastened advertisements are necessary to get your referral’s fee. you shouldn’t miss clicking four orange fastened advertisements which is the under of the neobux view ads web page.

So I hope you possibly can perceive. Initially it might be troublesome so that you can perceive every part, however when you spent a while with it, you’ll capable of catch every part. Don’t be concerned, lets proceed with the technique.

When you determine your server time, on a regular basis click on on all of the out there advertisements in the identical time. By no means miss out a single day. You want no less than $2 in your account to lease the referrals.

And it’ll not take very long time to earn in the event you click on the advertisements on a regular basis. On the similar time in the event you do have some direct referrals underneath you then it is going to take a three or four days to earn $2.

So as soon as you’ll attain $2 in your account, then technique will start.

As soon as your account stability reached $2, don’t money it out. As a result of money out restrict for neobux is $2. Initially you need to make investments your incomes for rental referrals. you have to develop. Don’t be concerned about your cash first.

Needless to say how are you going to multiply your incomes. Switch that cash to your rental stability and lease three referrals. For renting three referrals, will take $zero.60($zero.20 every) for 30 days. and the remainder of quantity, you’ll be able to hold it in your rental stability. This might want to handle your referrals. I’ll inform later how one can handle it.

See under, the method for transferring the primary stability to rental stability after which how one can lease the referrals.
In neobux simply click on your consumer identify.

you will see that a web page like this

After you click on the rental stability one other web page can be opened which can ask you so as to add fund for rental stability. Then click on on major stability.

Simply  click on the primary stability. you will see that a web page  to switch your fund from primary stability to your rental stability.  After efficiently switch your principal stability to rental stability, once more click on your consumer identify. You can see a web page like that

Simply click on on referrals. then it should present the packages for lease. You possibly can lease three referrals at first. And cash shall be deducted out of your rental stability $zero.60. If you wish to see your rented referral’s standing then in abstract web page underneath referral, click on on rented. It is going to present your rented referral’s standing.

STEP- three
Then maintain the autopay  funtion on. In an effort to maintain auto pay on it’s a must to click on your consumer identify and
See your referrals, underneath referrals simply click on rented then one can find autopay simply allow it.


When you allow autopay, then it’ll mechanically renew your rented referrals yet one more day in the event that they click on right now. Suppose you’ve gotten rented your three referrals from December sixth to january fifth for 30 days. once more it’s a must to renew your referrals in january fifth. However for those who allow the autopay then it’s going to mechanically renew your referral for yet one more day if that referral click on at the moment.

suppose you rented December sixth. in case your referral click on the advert in December sixth then autopay will renew him December seventh. Meaning your subsequent due date for renewal for that referral is January sixth as an alternative of january 5 th.

However autopay will work when your referrals click on. In case your referrals didn’t click on it cannot renew them. Even autopay will work in case your referral has 20 extra days to be renewed. lower than 20 days it won’t work.

See under, my subsequent cost of renew for a few of the referrals 26days  and one of many referral 28 days remaining . The referrals which click on at present autopay renewed it in order that it has 28 days remaining to be renewed. The referrals didn’t click on at present autopay didn’t renew it .

Once more if a referral go under 20 days auto pay won’t renew it. Meaning the referrals which has 26 days if  she or he didn’t click on 7 extra days then it is going to stay 19 days for subsequent cost . At the moment if that referral will click on than autopay couldn’t renew it.

So when the referral attain 20 days for subsequent cost then it is best to should manually renew it for an additional 30 days to be able to maintain autopay work for referrals.

With a view to renew your referrals autopay deducts the cost out of your rental stability. If  the rental stability has inadequate fund then it’ll deduct the cash out of your essential stability. If each have inadequate stability then it won’t triggered and it’ll once more work when one of many stability has sufficient fund. Often autopay worth is lower than guide worth for renewing referrals for 30 days or 60 days.

allow us to contemplate about autopay low cost and guide renewing low cost 

Day by day auto pay provides some low cost for renewing referrals

utilizing autopay presents 15% low cost

however guide renewing reductions

-Renewing for 15 extra days gives no low cost.
-Renewing for 30 extra days gives a 5% low cost.
-Renewing for 60 extra days presents a ten% low cost.
-Renewing for ninety extra days is provides a 18% low cost.
-Renewing for one hundred fifty extra days is provides a 25% low cost.
-Renewing for 240 extra days is provides a 30% low cost.

from the above evaluation we will see when renewing a referral for 15 days,30 days or 60 days we solely get the reductions which is under than what autopay provides (15%)

So simply maintain your autopay on in case you are renewing referrals for 30 days or 60  days. Utilizing autopay on,  you’ll get 15% which is best than guide renewing reductions for 15 days ( no low cost),30 days(5% low cost), and 60days(10% low cost).

However if you wish to renew greater than ninety days in that case your guide renewing reductions will probably be greater than what autopay presents as a result of renewing reductions for ninety days is eighteen% which is greater than autopay reductions(15%).

So, what my level is if you wish to renew your referrals for ninety days or greater than ninety days then hold your autopay off. See from above renewing we will come to know that if we renew referrals for extra days then we’ll get extra reductions which is extra revenue to us.

However initially when you’re renting referrals, you’ll be able to lease them for 30 days or 60 days which you’ve earned from neobux solely by clicking the advertisements,finishing gives and mini jobs and in addition clicking the adprize. When you’ll earn extra money you’ll be able to  renew them for extra days with a view to get extra revenue.

It’s all the time advisable that   as an ordinary member at first, you’ll be able to lease much less referrals and prolong them for extra days in order that your BEP might be much less meaning if a rented referrals won’t click on extra days then nonetheless you’ll be in revenue.

What’s BEP?

Its break even level or break even common. A break even common is a mean the place you haven’t any loss or no revenue. greater than BEP means you might have revenue and fewer than BEP means you’ve loss. See under, the place you possibly can see your referral’s Bep


Examine your rented referral’s statistics. Some individuals consider that, If a referral of yours didn’t click on final 5 days and common lower than 1.four  then recycle it to get a brand new referral . That known as static rule.

However no, don’t comply with the static rule. Neatest thing you are able to do, watch your referral’s exercise on a regular basis. It might occur some occasions an lively referral who had an excellent clicking common of previous some days however, as a consequence of some personnel  purpose he couldn’t click on 5 or 6 days, then you need to  give some extra days. Subsequently, earlier conduct of the referral is the matter, whereas contemplating to recycling a referral. Do not recycle referrals solely based mostly on their common or solely on what number of days are inactive.

You’ll be able to handle your referral, in case you maintain day by day statistics that neobux offers by means of export lists. it’s a must to maintain that lists on a regular basis and cargo them to administration program like referral useful supervisor or advance excel sheet.

Right here is how you can export the record. 

  1. Go to your [Rented Referral] record web page and click on the export record icon
  2. On the pop up window click on “Proceed”
  3. Click on “Open in a brand new window”
  4. Proper click on on the chosen knowledge and choose “Copy”
  5. Open a textual content editor, in Home windows: Begin > All Packages > Equipment > Notepad
  6. Paste the info you copied above to the textual content editor after which save that file in a folder that you’ll save all these lists day by day. Identify the txt file with a simple identify like: 2013-05-26.txt

Subsequent you possibly can obtain referral useful supervisor (model 2.three) from under hyperlink

Referral useful supervisor will make your work straightforward. It provides you with, all of your referral’s knowledge which is worthwhile for you and which isn’t, in line with your renewal plan.

Right here is tips on how to use your saved export lists with Referral Useful Supervisor:

  1. Open Referral Useful Supervisor
  2. Choose Instruments > Add referrals knowledge > Load exported information
  3. Browse to the folder you will have saved your Neobux export lists.
  4. Press Load and Replace
  5. That is it, now you can begin checking the graph of every referral to see how is clicking.
  6. To save lots of the Referral Useful Supervisor knowledge, go “File > Save as” and provides a reputation for instance “Neobux.xml”.
  7. When you might want to open once more the Referral Useful Supervisor you must load the previous knowledge again, so go “File > Open > Neobux.xml”
  8. On a regular basis export your rr’s staticstics and reserve it your notepad ( txt file) after which paste it in Referral useful supervisor.(paste exported clipboard)
  9. As an alternative of saving the export lists to txt information you possibly can load them on to Referral Useful Supervisor each day, should you go “Instruments > Add referrals knowledge > Paste exported clipboard”.

like that you could monitor your referral’s conduct on a regular basis. As a result of earlier conduct of the referrals is the matter. If in case you have earlier knowledge, then simply you possibly can calculate which referral’s are worthwhile for you and which aren’t. For that one factor you’ll be able to take into accounts which is the referrals BEP. you’ll be able to see your particular person referrals BEP or you’ll be able to see complete referral’s BEP. In case your present referral’s BEP is worthwhile for you , then you must give extra time to your inactive referrals earlier than you will recyling them. And if a referral approaches in the direction of 9 or 10 days of inactivity then depart that referral for auto recycling which shall be accomplished by neobux  freely after 14 days of inactivity.

suppose you’re a commonplace member in neobux and you’ve got 1 to 250 referrals then see under how a lot BEP you want in line with your renewal plan

For normal member with 1~250 rented referrals the
break even common  renewing:

15 days = 1.333
30 days = 1.267
60 days = 1.200
ninety days = 1.089
one hundred fifty days = 1.000
240 days = zero.933

For normal member with 251~300 rented referrals the
break even common  renewing:

15 days = 1.467
30 days = 1.333
60 days = 1.267
ninety days = 1.156
one hundred fifty days = 1.053
240 days = zero.983

For instance:
with 50 refs the BEP is 1.200
meaning 50 x 1.2 = 60 click on are
wanted on common every day for
a interval of 60 days.

One other instance
If we’re Normal members and we’ve 50 rented referrals and we prolong them for +240 days, then we’d like averages(BEP) above zero.933 to be in revenue.
So we verify our referral graphs in Referral Useful Supervisor to seek out referrals that click on under that common in repeated patterns. Which means that if we see that they do it four-5 occasions in a row we will recycle them.
A referral who clicks four advertisements each three days has four/three= 1.333 avg which is OK for us
A referral who clicks three advertisements each 2 days has three/2= 1.500 avg which is OK for us
A referral who clicks four advertisements each 5 days has four/5= zero.800 avg which is NOT OK for us
A referral who clicks eight advertisements each 9 days has eight/9= zero.888 avg which is NOT OK for us
… and so on

Develop your recycling technique to get most revenue.


Everytime your stability reaches $1 simply switch it to rental stability to be able to hold sufficient stability , in your recycling exercise. Once more, when your rental stability attain $2 then go for three extra rented referrals. proceed this course of till you make $1 per day. At the moment you possibly can lease extra referrals.

step -6

Proceed this course of till you attain 300 rented referrals. After getting 300 referrals, cease the method of renting referrals.  It’s the time so that you can improve your membership into golden member. when you could have 300 referrals you may need sufficient incomes in your account however don’t money it out . Save that cash in your most important stability and when it attain $ninety simply improve your membership into golden.


When you turned golden member, your incomes shall be considerably elevated. Each week you possibly can lease referrals till it attain greater than 2000 and handle your referrals by renewing and recycling. Time will come you possibly can earn greater than $30 per day, in the event you undergo this course of. It might take a while however nonetheless it has good end result.

That is the technique for neobux  . I gave you a standard concept. However, keep in mind one factor the perfect technique is one, which you’ll be able to develop your self. All the time learn their discussion board, when you’ve got any doubt, then  you’ll be able to ask their assist by posting your doubt in “drawback and doubt part” and lots of senior members are ready so that you can remedy your drawback. So, In case you are not a member of neobux website then visit here

 In my earlier submit I’ve defined, how to make big money with neobux(strategy part 1)  as an ordinary member. However it is going to take very long time to succeed in your goal. Your goal might be to turn into a golden member.  Nevertheless there’s a technique to earn day by day $forty  if you need to take a position some cash initially.

neobux,earn money

If you don’t want to take a position, then go for normal member the place you’ll be able to earn  by clicking advertisements, finishing presents, clicking advert prize and finishing mini jobs till you attain the quantity for renting referrals and earn the quantity to improve your membership into golden. However it should take time.

In the event you can make investments some cash  then comply with this final information to earn $forty per day.

  • Step 2- Improve your membership into golden which can value you $ninety per yr. Now you possibly can lease upto 2000 referrals as a golden member. Every referral you’ll lease it’ll value you $zero.30 for 30 days
  • three- Prolong all of the referrals for 240 days with a view to get extra revenue. As a result of when you renew for 240 days you’ll get 30% low cost and your BEP can be much less. maintain your auto repay
  • four- Be lively every single day. Meaning you must click on the advertisements on a regular basis at servers time in an effort to earn your referral’s fee
  • four- Subsequent,  you’ll be able to handle your referrals by recycling, renewing . Be the grasp of recycling technique.
  • 5-  Now it can save you your incomes to buy the last word membership which can value you $ 890 per yr. If you’ll be an final member then you’ll be able to lease upto 4000 referrals.
  • 6- Lease as many as referrals till you attain 4000 referrals
  • 7- Handle your referrals.
  • eight- Now in case you are an final member with 4000 rented referrals then you possibly can earn upto $forty per day.

Don’t be skeptic. Apply this technique for those who can. Take danger as a result of with out danger nothing will occur. When you couldn’t apply this technique then you’ll be able to earn cash as an ordinary member



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