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Why You Should Not Download WhatsApp Gold Edition?

Many WhatsApp users have received the invitation to download WhatsApp Gold edition. After they installed the Gold edition, they were shocked to find out that their mobile devices have been infected with malware. The invitation message boasts that the app offers much better features not available in the current edition of the app such as send hundreds of pictures and video calling. The program is a scam because it won’t upgrade your current version of Whatsapp. Instead, it will install malware that can track every movement you made on your computer and steal your personal information.

WhatsApp has made an announcement on their site that they will ban anyone who install the unofficial WhatsApp Gold scam edition. It has stated on its FAQ page that they are not the developer of WhatsApp Plus and that they do not support it. It informs users that their private information can be passed to third parties stealthily if they install the WhatsApp Gold scam software. They advise users who have installed it without being aware that it is a scam software to quickly uninstall it and they will have to wait for at least 1 day before they are allowed to use the software again.

According to WhatsApp, they will never send any link for the user to click to upgrade the app. They also would not ask the users to download a different version of the app. The scam aims to trick people who are technology illiterate and cannot recognize phising link. WhatsApp is asking people to block the sender when they see the message. There is only one official version of WhatsApp that is being released. If see the invitation message, you should quickly delete it so that you won’t accidentally click on the link. The official WhatsApp app is available from Google Play Store.



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