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Hellooo!!!! my lovely readers this article is completely based on my experiences that I have gone through doing Online Typing Jobs, called captcha jobs or captcha work through megatypers and protyper and similar other sites. I don’t want to make any showoff or allure people for data entry typing jobs like others that are faking and wasting the time of people.

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But definitely, I will share what happened with me really. Once I was also looking for online typing jobs and many times I have seen ads in the newspaper like “online typing jobs “or:”data entry typing jobs ” and simliar “gar bethe pese kamaye !”


Whenever I called them for work they asked for registration fees. Thereafter I got to know the work for which they are asking fees is captcha solving jobs About which I will explain in this article. 

I signed up in megatyper with invitation code because it is mandatory and also worked two hours to solve 1000 captcha entry. Thereafter I earned 1$ ohh!!! lol in 2 hours of time I just made 1 dollar. During solving captcha entry you have to work fast, type fast and along with it need fast internet speed. 

Though I tried and work hard at the end I just made single USD which is around Rs 65 as per Indian currency. And thereafter my reaction was like ↓


They pay average 1 Dollar for solving 1000 captcha entry and imagine after giving such hard effort the return you are getting is likely noobs or wasting time. But you can try this jobs to increase your typing speed ☺☺but not for making money.

Here I am not demotivating you but the truth you have to accept, if you are from Country like India, UK, USA, Canada or where local currency conversion is not good then you should not go with online typing jobs. 

But, If you are from the country like where your local currency conversion rate is very good for US dollar then it is for you. However, I have also explained some genuine way to earn money from online jobs you can see here.

Then I observed some peoples got cheated. The online job seekers who don’t have enough knowledge about these types of online work, for them I want to notify that all this work is available without any investment, but they are taking registration fees just for create your username and password. 

So if you are really interested in doing online typing work from home without any investment then read this post correctly all details are given and you can earn some real money even; also you can read some more articles on this site I have written. We are not interested in taking any amount from our visitors just we are offering online jobs and ideas to make a living from home.

trusted online typing jobs from home without investment

If you want to make money online or searching for online typing jobs from home without investment then here are the complete details to earn money online via megatypers andprotypers by Captcha Solving typing jobs from home. 

Check step by step guide and follow the procedure given here. This is 100% legit and genuine online typing jobs by which you can actually earn some money with online typing work. This online typing work is recommended for those people who are willing to do hard work and have fast typing speed.

This is an online captcha solving work and also not any scam jobs or get-quick-rich scheme or we are not asking any investment for a start this job. 

If you are ready to work hard (fast typing speed required), then you can do it and make some 300$ to 400$ per month even more, and many are doing this typing job also making some good money with this online typing work from home without investment.

What is Captcha Entry Online Typing Jobs? 

Let me explain first the captcha are small images with random words and you have to type this words in the box only we can say online typing jobs, and for this, you will get paid for each captcha solved by you and captcha mostly use the internet to prevent spam on the web.

This is legit online typing jobs and no investment required for this, but I saw many people are asking registration just for revealing this procedure which is given in this post even I saw the advertisement in a newspaper regarding this work.

When I asked them for this they said, You have to pay 10k registration fees 😮 to sign up this job and get your id and password which we can do you for free online later. After some time I have researched and found there is no investment required for this.

You can see details given below see carefully. Also, the things which people get without any effort or paying anything, often nobody appreciates it cause its free make sure this work requires some hard work and dedication and fast typing speed you can’t earn more, but you can manage some 200$ to 300$ per month which may sound good for you.

What is required for online typing jobs?

Just no more qualification needed for this, but if you have good typing speed and good internet speed then you are eligible for this online typing jobs, and you can earn money with this online data entry typing work from home but the main requirement you should have at least 30WPM typing speed and good internet speed. .

Who can join and earn with this online typing jobs?
genuine online typing work at home

Anyone can join with this online typing jobs, but as per requirement 30wpm speed of typing and internet connection required for this online work, this is online jobs offers for college students, housewife, and retired people who want to earn money online via online jobs without investment. 

Here are the different ways to earn money online.




4.Captcha Typers.



How to sign up and start online typing jobs?

Sign up the process for this online typing jobs that is very easy. You must have one valid email id to register an invitation code in megatypers you can find the invitation code given below or if sometimes invitation code does not work then, you can find online also in protypers & the signup process is also easy. 

Choose an invitation code below all code is working fine, and you can sign up quickly














You can use this code while creating an account with megatypers. If any of the code does not work you can find it online. Just Google for a megatypers invitation code. 

How much money can you earn from this online typing jobs? 

In this online typing job, megatypers pay us for every correct captcha solved by us and their rate is different according to hours in the day. You can see the rate of 1000 captcha image, solve given below they are paying $0.45 to $1.50 for 1000 images captcha solved by you. But they are paying in some fixed timing on the days just check on the image given below.

online typing jobs captha work at home jobs 

How to Register For Megatyper Account Follow Step Give below 

  • The registration process is very simple for megatyper just you have to enter your email address choose the password for a megatyper account. 
  • Type your complete name Which you want to use 
  • Choose payment option and it is given on sites like PayPal, western union, and peace WebMoney much more you can see there. PayPal is recommended to receive payment which is easier to receive money 
  • You have to enter invitation code to complete sign up directly given code below or you can also use the code provided on image below 9MQM

captcha work from home jobs

How to start working on megatypers captcha solving online work? 

After finishing the sign-up process just verify your account by clicking links on the email you have received by which you have signed up for megatypers account. 

  • Just to login page and after entering your email id and password 
  • After logging into your account, go to the menu which is given on left side 
  • After that, start work and you will see images and one type box. Type words in 15 seconds and click to submit answer also you can press the enter button on your keyboard.
  • Once you complete one image you will see new images automatically and enter words again, thus repeat the same process, and you will be credited to your account for each captcha word typed by you. 
  • You must type word within 15 seconds if you are unable to solve captcha word you will be kicked out and if you will be kicked out again and again, then there is a more chance of your account ban so take care solve query quickly.
  • Sometimes you will not understand images work which words to type in the box that time you can avoid unreadable words for this click on don’t know button.
  • Remember also using don’t know button, again and again, maybe a reason to ban your account so try to solve the captcha and use this button in rare cases to play safe.

What is a payment method for this online typing jobs? 

We can get paid via PayPal, which I recommend most and also the other payment method available like western union also perfect and WebmoneyPayza you can use any payment method which suitable for you, but recommended method is PayPal.

If you don’t know how to create a PayPal account, then you can see the video here, and also you can check this post to know more about creating a PayPal account. 

When will you get paid for this online typing jobs-Minimum threshold? 

You will be get paid with PayPal, payza when you will earn more than $3 in other words; we can say the minimum payment limit is $3 you must make at least $3 to receive payment for online typing jobs from home without investment. 

Note: Do not create multiple accounts for your same name. Otherwise, you will also be banned. Do not enter an incorrect captcha, again and again, this may cause to suspend your megatypers account. 

Also, you should take care, skipping more captcha words while solving is not good try to improve work and also increase your typing speed and choose hours which time megatypers pays more. 

This is a genuine and legitimate online typing jobs by which you can earn money online via online typing jobs from home without investment. You can also make money with online survey jobs check others online jobs without investment. 

Try this online job and sign up today if you do want to do this typing jobs. Start with any other genuine online jobs Also, you can make money via clixsense monthly 200$ to 300$ sign up for it here.



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