PTC PTC Sites Tips

For Your Safety

About password

  • Don’t inform anybody your password. No one has the right to ask your password;
  • Don’t save essential passwords in your browser.
  • By no means use the identical password for PTCs, E-mail handle, Payza, Paypal, and so on;
  • The password have to be robust with 12-sixteen or extra characters, a mixture of huge and small letters, numbers, and alphanumeric characters. Maintain it in a protected place.
  • Ideally, use solely private PC to login or register in your accounts;
  • Use Password Generator for to make a robust password;
  • Watch out for viruses. Higher run an antivirus!

About phishing

  • What means phishing? The fraudulent follow of sending emails purporting to be from respected corporations in an effort to induce people to disclose private info, akin to passwords and bank card numbers, on-line.
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  • Don’t consider in goals (even when typically they’re lovely);
  • $1, $three, $10, $one hundred per click on is pure rip-off. Greater than $zero,01 per click on, no one give as commonplace member;
  • Don’t use Proxy Connection or shared community environments for to log or to offer clicks. Many websites don’t settle for such a connection!
  • ninety nine% from PTCs websites are rip-off or will probably be rip-off in a couple of months. Don`t register on a regular basis when seem a brand new PTC;
  • Earlier than you register on a PTC, go to their discussion board. Some are filled with spam or complaints from members;
  • Rigorously in your cash. Don`t Improve if that PTC has not a superb popularity;
  • “10 years subscription” – Not give us any assure that PTC shall be on-line for 10 years, and I observed that lots of them disappear in lower than 6 months. Watch out the place you select to take a position cash!
  • A legitimate proof of cost could be solely a print screan with banking transaction carried out. A print screan with particulars of the cost from PTC consumer account is unsustainable.
  • After click on advertisements, potential will seem: Do you CHEAT? Decide the Quantity, Which 1 is the month, Decide the animal: you should reply appropriately;
  • 20-25 PTC websites could be sufficient, however shouldn’t be a rule;
  • Learn many boards about PTC websites;
  • Learn Rip-off Detector (scamdetector.information) and PTC Rip-off Record every day.
  • Web is filled with scammers. Take care!



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